# 98
Prayer Brings You to Me

(August 26, 1990 58) Nancy said, "You came [Jesus appeared] and I didn't say the prayer you taught Me." Jesus has taught Nancy a prayer and when she says the prayer, Jesus appears. Jesus said, "I am showing you I am present all the time. Do you think prayer brings Me to you? Prayer brings you to Me. All prayer prepares you for Me. When you set the table, do you set it for yourself or for your guest? Is the food you prepare for you alone? Does food come from Me and help nourish the body? If you have no food for the body, if you are weak, you cannot then come to Me. Food comes from Me. You prepare it and give it back to Me. "Everything comes from Me. The love you have. The food you have. I am a circle. I am infinity. Stand anywhere on the circle. Place anything on the circle then go any direction on the circle and you come to Me. What I am trying to tell you, everything comes from Me and comes back to Me. "I sustain all life. I am the creator of life. You cannot sustain yourself apart from Me. There are many examples you can use: the vine and branches, the seed and plant, the father and his children." Nancy said, "I feel peaceful." Jesus said, "Like being one with Me. Remember this moment. Every moment can be this way. I am never apart from you." [Nancy had been very upset and anxious earlier because she was being independent and not depending on Jesus.] "Remember, My Mother gave you a teaching in the field. She said, 'I'm walking with you. I'm standing next to you.' My Mother always echoes My words." [Our Loving Mother spoke these words to Nancy in the field, but Nancy did not see her at that time. She was trying to teach Nancy that she is with her even though Nancy doesn't see her]. "If you reflect Me, how can you not echo My words? That is what growing is all about. "Bow your heads. I will make the Sign of The Cross over your heads." Then the vision of light went away. Nancy asked, "Why did the light go away?" George said, "I can't figure it out." Jesus said through Nancy, "Can you figure Me out?" George said, "No way. I don't try. I just try to learn." Nancy said, "When the vision ended, I realized then I was not on my knees." Jesus then appeared again. He said, "My apostles did not walk on their knees."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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