# 13
Oh, if Only My Children Would Depend upon Me

(December 28, 1990 9) Jesus said, "Oh, My foolish children, why do you choose darkness over light? Oh, how blind and foolish My children can be. I give them five senses and, then, they have none. Oh, if My children would be children and depend upon Me. No, they choose to remain as adults. I say to you, never depend upon yourself. If you do, then you depend upon Satan. Adults try to make everything complicated. It is basically very simple. Choose Me, choose life. Choose Satan, choose death. Every man's journey in life is a battle between the two. Surrender your will to Me, and you will not loose but gain life. "I will leave you with these thoughts. Surrender. Abandon. Give. And I will give you much more. Thank you George." [Jesus was speaking through Nancy and thanking George for writing down the message.] Nancy said that the light then dimmed over the crucifix.

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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