# 50
See My Love First, then See My Suffering

(December 29, 1990 33) George thought that if people knew the crown of thorns covered His head causing increased suffering, people would love Him more. Nancy heard Jesus reply and repeated the words for George to write down. "I was brutally struck everywhere. Does it really matter, George, if you know whether the brutal strikes caused the scars on My head or whether it was the crown of thorns? Is it not most important to see My love for you? If you start to count My wounds do you not miss the point? Look at Me, George, see not My wounds but My love for you and all of mankind. See My love first, then see My suffering. If you see My suffering first and not My love, then you have missed My reason for coming. Tell men of My love. Show men My love, be My love in this world. If you look at My suffering or your own suffering without seeing My love first, then how will you be able to understand anything about My passion or be able to endure your own suffering. Did I answer your question, George?" George said, "Perfectly." Nancy then said, "He [Jesus] is smiling gently."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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