f5dab5c0-5f3a-4d63-9ed3-c45055a2557b 198 158 11/13/1990 A Sign Will Be Given in the Heavens (November 13, 1990 83) Jesus said, "Understand, little one, now that My people will see the Justice of God." Tears are coming from His eyes. Nancy said to George, "I can only say this much to you. I can share this part of the Secret." Jesus said, "A sign will be given in the heavens and My children will see this sign. When this sign is given, it will be too late to convert." "He revealed to me about the sign but I cannot reveal it." "Everything is glowing in light," Nancy said. "Nancy, My precious little one, I am sorry I had to give you a very grave message. Type My messages out, the time is near when you will be distributing them." "He is suffering," Nancy said. I see the suffering face of Jesus." "Let those who are open hear Me. I am Jesus. I am the Son of God." He is suffering again. His eyes are in agony. Something is coming from His eyes and falling onto His shoulder. "I will not force man to love Me. I will not force My Mercy upon man." Nancy said, "I can barely speak these words, the light is radiant."