# 131
A Greater Punishment Will Befall You

The Blessed Mother, Our Loving Mother, said, "I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God and Your Loving Mother. I bow down to God the Father. "My dearest daughter, many people have already died in the war. My motherly heart aches for all the mothers and fathers who have lost children and for all the children who have lost their parents and for all who have lost a friend or loved one. We are all one family." When Nancy questioned the relatively few people who had died from the United States, Our Loving Mother indicated that many of Her children had died and that She was the Mother of all children. Our Loving Mother continued, "The war has not ended yet but it will. My children, please come back to God before a greater punishment will befall you. I give you my peace and my blessings. "Children, please behave or you will be punished more. The war will come to an end. Please thank my Son for permitting me to come and please make the Sign of The Cross as I leave."
# 82
My Mother Echoes My Words

Jesus said, "The sign I gave yesterday in the heavens is a good sign. Now do you need to be troubled about publishing My Mother's message? She echoes My words." The following is an eyewitness account of the sign in the heavens given by Willie Kooymans on February 24, 1991 during the Sunday prayer group meeting. "I saw an opening in the sky. Then, in the opening, I saw a round almost circle and it was the colors of the rainbow. Then I saw a white cross bigger than the circle over the top of the circle and in the circle's center. After a while the clouds went over the circle."

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