# 599
The Sacramental Life of the Church Must Be Preserved

The Blessed Mother said, "More priests, more religious, more children will come here seeking our help. To all my children I say: remain steadfast in prayer. Stay close to my Son. "The sacramental life of the Church must be preserved. The faithful have great responsibility and will be held accountable for their many gifts from God. Satan seeks to destroy the sacramental life of the Church and is gaining many souls because the faithful have not remained close to my Son. [The Blessed Mother was crying.] The faithful will be greatly tested in the days of purification that the world is going through. "As I depart, I ask you to thank my Son."
# 681
It Is the Will of God that My Immaculate Heart Will Reign

Our Loving Mother told Nancy, "The children of the world are seeking a refuge. Please tell them: The refuge is found in our Hearts." "It is the will of God that my Immaculate Heart will reign. Before this will happen, the hearts of my children will be purified. Please see this purification as a cleansing fire of God's love and His great mercy."
# 844
Understand the Importance of Prayers and Sacrifices

A retired Roman Catholic archbishop (visiting as a pilgrim) and Nancy's friends were in the apparition room in her home. The Blessed Mother appeared to Nancy and said, "I am Blessed Virgin Mary.
"Please offer your prayers and sacrifices for peace. This is a most urgent request from Heaven."
"My dear Bishop, my dear children of God, from my Immaculate Heart I send forth to all of you rays of love. "My dearest daughter, you must pray much more. Through your prayers and sacrifices, many souls are being returned to my Son. Please understand the importance of prayers and sacrifices. With your help I am able to help you. Please offer your prayers and sacrifices for peace. This is a most urgent request from Heaven. "My children are coming in great numbers here. You must preserve your prayer life." Since Jesus has asked Nancy many times to test each vision and message, George reminded Nancy to test this apparition. Nancy said the Blessed Mother then smiled and said, "I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. I bow down to God the Father. By decree of God, I am the Immaculate Conception." At that moment Nancy said the Blessed Mother was beautiful and said there was much light as she ascended and departed. As the Blessed Mother departed, Nancy closed her eyes and could then still see the Blessed Mother interiorly.

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