# 803
Look upon My Image, Dear Children, and Repent

Nancy saw a mystical light come down from the ceiling and an angel appeared at the foot of the crucifix. More arcs of light came down from the ceiling as additional angels appeared. Nancy prayed, asking the saints to intercede for the healing of God's children. Nancy tested in the Name of Jesus to be sure what she was experiencing was of God. Then the mystical light burst brighter and Saint Joseph appeared. The light increased in brightness and the Corpus of Christ on the crucifix became alive. Nancy said, "Behold Jesus!" Other people near Nancy also witnessed the mystical light. Nancy saw Padre Pio appear. She praised Jesus and reverently said to Him, "I don't hear anything that You are saying." Jesus replied, "Is My Living Presence not enough for My children?" Nancy experienced a profound sense of love during the visions as everything before her eyes was engulfed in bright mystical light. "Look. Look at My friends here." Nancy saw one saint after another appear. Many saints of different races, adults and children appeared continuously throughout the apparition. Nancy commented, "I am not worthy to behold these saints. He comes with the heavenly court." Jesus began to teach, "Look upon My image, dear children and repent.

"Where is your sorrow for hurting Me? "Do you not desire to repair your injuries?"
"Please have true sorrow in your hearts for all your sins, for each time that you hurt Me. Look upon My image and know I died for you. "Where is your sorrow for hurting Me? "Do you not desire to repair your injuries?" Nancy then saw the Blessed Mother appear along with many saints. Nancy asked Jesus, "I don't know all the people. I don't know who they are." Jesus replied, "They are My friends and they are your friends. Pray to them."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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