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The Blessed Mother said,

"My dear children of America, today I come among you to deliver an invitation of peace. Desire peace in yourselves, in your families, in your communities and in countries. Peace comes only when you are united to my Son. Apart from my Son there is no peace." At this point Nancy said, "She is crying and there is a stream of light going down her cheek as if a tear."

"Children of America, your refusal of my Son's peace will bring greater suffering upon you." Nancy said, "She is crying again. Another stream of light streamed down her cheek like a tear."

"Please, [as if pleading,] amend your lives and return to God. As your loving mother, I bless you."

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Love and Mercy  | Journey of Faith  | Wake Up America | Miracle at Conyers | Milagro En Conyers
     Miracle At Conyers
This is a half-hour introduction to the apparitions in Conyers and the visionary, Nancy Fowler. Produced in 1993, "Miracle at Conyers" takes you on a pilgrimage to the small Georgia town. Join thousands of travelers as they arrive at the apparition site in the morning, spend the day praying and learning about the messages, and leave the site a little closer to God. It touches upon signs and wonders but admits that the most important miracles occur when lives are changed spiritually. Spend a day at Conyers and discover why this place is so special to so many people.
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