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(Message # 259)
The March 13, 1992 Apparition

After the announcement of the first Joyful Mystery, Nancy saw the silhouette of the Blessed Mother come down in the apparition room and Our Loving Mother said, "My dear children, I welcome all of you here. I come in the name of my Son. Come seeking my Son in the depths of your hearts. I will deliver a message for the United States at the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries. I will remain with you in prayer and, at the end of the Glorious Mysteries, I will bless you. Thank you little children for responding to my call."

Nancy presented the prayer petitions to Our Loving Mother.

"My Son is the great healer. He is healing His children.

"Please thank my little helpers for me. Please record how you first see me." [Our Loving Mother came with the infant Jesus in her arms. A crown appeared over her head. She was radiant and beautiful.]

"Please know, when I appear in black I do so because I am in mourning." [Earlier in the week she appeared to Nancy in black. A tear then came out of her left eye as she continued.] "My children are not carrying their crosses. My children are murdered all over the world. Tell the people of the United States, tell the people of the world, abortion is murder. The cup of salvation will turn into the cup of wrath unless you stop. Please listen." [The infant Jesus was now glowing in her arms.]

Our Loving Mother then gave the monthly message for the United States, "Dear Children of America, please understand these times are times of great mercy. The cup of salvation overflows upon the United States and over the whole world. Bathe, little children, in the love and mercy of God. Be clean. If you refuse the love and mercy of God and refuse to be clean, then greater sufferings will befall you. Prepare. Deny yourself. Carry your cross and follow in my Son's footsteps. He has set the path before you. Unless you are following in His footsteps, you are not following. Live for God. Walk the passion in Love. Let me help you each step of the way.

"Thank you, my dear little children. This is the end of the message."

"I will bless you and everything you have brought with you at the completion of the Rosary." [She is radiant and grows greater in light as the people sing the "Ave Maria".] "Please tell my children I carry their petitions to my Son. I ask you not to cease your prayers for these requests but increase them.

"Please remember to tell my children I am pleased with all my little helpers. The children who come here are my helpers when they speak my Son's words to others.

"As you make the sign of the cross, I will bless you and everything you brought with you and, then, I will depart. Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

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