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Learn to Love as I Do

Jesus said, "My dearest daughter, let Me teach you about humility. Patience leads to humility. Impatience leads to sin.

"Be patient as I am patient. Look at My passion. Was I not patient in My endurance of great suffering for love of you? Be patient with one another.

"A patient person is happier. An impatient person is never happy with himself or with others. A patient person knows Me. An impatient person does not know Me.

"Humility and patience are one in Me. Learn from Me, dearest daughter. Learn to love as I do. Happiness lies in Me alone. The world thinks happiness is in the world. No, dearest daughter, happiness is in Me. Be one with Me. Walk with Me.

"A patient man serves Me and others. An impatient man serves himself and he is never happy.

"Let Me live in you fully.
Reflect Me, show Me to the world.
The world does not see Me.

"Think about all the times you were impatient. Are these happy moments you cherish. Each moment of your life you should cherish. Each moment and every moment is a precious gift.

"When you share My gifts are you not happier? You can share your patience. You reflect Me. Do you want to share your impatience? Will you be reflecting Me or will you be reflecting the Evil One.

"Nancy, let Me live in you fully. Reflect Me, show Me to the world. The world does not see Me. Show them Me.

"My light will grow brighter the more you are one with Me. Let the picture and the sound come together. Let, permit, My Spirit to lead.

"I bless you with My living presence every moment. So, every moment reveal Me to the world.

"Let Me sum this up. Grow more in love with Me and with one another."

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     Love and Mercy
"Love & Mercy" gives the viewer a sense of what it’s like to be present at one of Nancy Fowler’s talks. Produced in 1994, Nancy and scribe George Collins discuss the appearances of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

This hour-long video covers several different topics including:
  • What is the best prayer?
  • Predictions of coming chastisements.
  • The incredible value of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
  • Our Loving Mother’s last monthly message and much more.
To view video in external player Listen to Love and Mercy Click Here 
Audio version of this video Listen to Journey Of Faith Click Here

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