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... Will Have Their Faith Greatly Tested

Jesus spoke during the first reading of Scripture at the Mass. He said, "I am telling you, Nancy, the days are coming when every man, woman and child will have their faith greatly tested."

"... the days are coming when every man, woman and child will have their faith greatly tested."

Nancy saw angels appear. The angels were kneeling and facing the altar.

After Mass Nancy was wondering if all the messages which she received were accurate. Jesus said, "Nancy, you walk with the Truth. I am the Truth."

Nancy thanked Jesus for the confirmation.

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Supernatural Manifestation

This letter contains a detailed eyewitness account of a supernatural manifestation. Upon the request of Nancy Fowler I humbly submit this account to you. I report these phenomena to the best of my recollection.

The setting consisted of a large room in the home of Nancy Fowler. Approximately thirty people were gathered around the interior facing the West wall with their eyes fixed on a crucifix measuring approximately 13X23 inches hanging about 5’ from the floor.

On May 4, 2002, supernatural phenomena manifested itself to me. This awesome occurrence became only one of many visualized by others present. The soft glow emitted from this phenomena disappeared and reappeared and slid down the wall so fast that it nearly left my field of vision!

While praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet shortly after 3PM I visualized a cross of soft white light measuring 10”X15” on the West wall about 5” to the right of the crucifix which lasted 10 seconds then disappeared. This cross of light reappeared the same distance off the left branch of the crucifix. Abruptly the cross-slid down the wall at a 30 degree angle approximately 24” to the left of the crucifix accelerating partially out of sight. When it reached the podium it disappeared.

Upon reflection of this visual manifestation of light, I believe that it is the signature of Jesus Christ. If I had any doubts as to the supernatural manifestation of this illuminating cross, it was eliminated by the speed at which it moved down the wall to the podium.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Castelli

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