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Reflect upon the Word Glory

As the pilgrims outside were singing the Fatima Song, streams of bright, white, mystical light and a cross descended into the apparition room. The Blessed Mother with the Baby Jesus in her arms appeared to the left of the crucifix. Many saints, one after another appeared. There was mystical light around the crucifix as the Corpus of Christ burst forth in brilliant white light.

Jesus said, "My Mother and I are here." The image of Jesus was superimposed on the cross and became alive.

Shortly after the Rosary began and as the leader prayed the words "Glory be to the Father", Jesus turned His head and looked up toward Heaven.

Jesus said, "Did you hear the words: Glory be [He paused] to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? To give proper glory to God, you must be humble.

"Thank you for your acts of reparation. I ask My children to make reparation. Look upon the crucifix and understand in your heart the reparation I made for you.

"Do not seek signs and wonders but seek Me in My Living Presence in your midst. Come before Me with reverence and repentant hearts.

"Children, I desire to heal you. Come to Me.

"Again I say: Do not seek signs and wonders, seek Me alone. Satan is deceiving you and you do not know it. Do not be deceived by false messages. I tell you there are many. My words are Life and they bring Life to your soul.

"All glory is Mine. Give all glory to God alone. Give glory to God in selfless acts of love and sacrifice from your heart to My heart.

"Reflect upon the word 'glory'. You say this word but you do not know this word. Look in the Bible and see how many times 'glory' is written and I tell you, children, you do not know this word.

"From the cross I gave My Father the supreme act of glory. Glorify God alone. You cannot glorify God unless you deny yourself, take up your cross and follow in My footsteps.

"Glory, glory, glory not from your lips [there was a lengthy pause] but from the depths of your heart in acts of selfless love. Give to Me as I give to you."

At this point the meditation for the First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, was read.

Jesus continued, "Did you hear the words just said: 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass Me by?' Will you drink of the cup? Do not let the cup pass you by. Drink of the cup by giving yourself to Me wholeheartedly, completely, [Jesus paused] entirely."

From the crucifix, Jesus looked upward. He then lowered His head and became still. A large angel appeared at the foot of the crucifix.

Jesus continued speaking, "My peace is My gift to you. Die to your self first."

The wall turned scarlet red and the crucifix glowed in bright, white, mystical light as Jesus said, "My children, glorify God in selfless love for Me."

Nancy saw Jesus suffering on the crucifix. Jesus said, "My children, I love you. My children, I love you. My children, I love you." Jesus kept repeating these words over and over.

Nancy wondered aloud why Jesus kept repeating the words.

Jesus explained, "Believe [He paused and with utmost tenderness said,] and know this."

A brilliant, glowing white light was superimposed over the crucifix. In this light, the face of Jesus alternated between that of the suffering Jesus and the Risen Christ. The suffering face of Jesus looked upward. The face of the Risen Christ looked directly at Nancy.

Jesus then said, "Surrender. Surrender your will. You glorify God in your surrender, little one. Glorify God in the cross. Glorify the One Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Nancy prayed quietly for the pilgrims, "Please, Jesus, let the lame walk. Let the blind see. Let the tumors be gone."

Jesus then said, "Glorify God in the cross."

"Raise your hands and voices to God in thanksgiving and praise, and give the glory to God by the way you live your life. Again I say: Glorify God alone."

Jesus turned His head, looked upward and became still. There was an image of a woman at the foot of the crucifix praying. Then the image of a cross ascended and disappeared.

Nancy noticed some scapulars and rosaries which pilgrims had left in the apparition room. Nancy wondered if Jesus had blessed them during the apparition.

Momentarily a light flashed into the room as Jesus said, "Yes, Nancy, everyone, everything has been blessed."

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Deepened Faith

As a life-long Catholic, I approached my first trip to Conyers with an openness. However, as a police officer of seven years, I still felt a strong influence toward skepticism. 

I believe in the Conyers apparitions, I believe in the apparitions because of what has changed in my life and in the lives of the people I have affected... or as I should say, Christ has affected. The words and messages of Christ and the Blessed Mother have rung true in my life.

Although I realize my scriptural knowledge is limited and it is therefore impossible for me to realize the synonymity between Christ's words in Conyers and those written in scripture, I can only tell you what has happened in my life. The messages in Conyers have significantly deepened my faith, have brought me back to the central vision of the Gospel, and have shown me the importance of the sacramental life of the church. In short, Conyers does not make me think of Conyers. Conyers makes me think of my Catholic faith and the importance of the sacraments therein.

I now say the rosary daily. I now attend mass with a greater fervor and understanding of its importance. Confession, which I attend at least monthly, now brings tears to my eyes because of what I have learned. I now seek a greater understanding of the Catholic faith and realize how important my faith is to me.

Feb.14, 1994
Novi, MI

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