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Come Out of Your Cities of Darkness

The Blessed Mother told Nancy, "My dear children, with tears from my Immaculate Heart I plead with you. Children, you must come out of your cities of darkness and come into the light. My Son is looking upon the cities of the world and weeping over many of them.

"Children, you must not offend God any longer. More hardships are coming to my children. I am sorry from my motherly heart to have to tell you these things. I thank you for enduring the hardships and sacrifices.

"I love you, dear little children. Please come back to God while there is still time."

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Deepened Faith

As a life-long Catholic, I approached my first trip to Conyers with an openness. However, as a police officer of seven years, I still felt a strong influence toward skepticism. 

I believe in the Conyers apparitions, I believe in the apparitions because of what has changed in my life and in the lives of the people I have affected... or as I should say, Christ has affected. The words and messages of Christ and the Blessed Mother have rung true in my life.

Although I realize my scriptural knowledge is limited and it is therefore impossible for me to realize the synonymity between Christ's words in Conyers and those written in scripture, I can only tell you what has happened in my life. The messages in Conyers have significantly deepened my faith, have brought me back to the central vision of the Gospel, and have shown me the importance of the sacramental life of the church. In short, Conyers does not make me think of Conyers. Conyers makes me think of my Catholic faith and the importance of the sacraments therein.

I now say the rosary daily. I now attend mass with a greater fervor and understanding of its importance. Confession, which I attend at least monthly, now brings tears to my eyes because of what I have learned. I now seek a greater understanding of the Catholic faith and realize how important my faith is to me.

Feb.14, 1994
Novi, MI

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