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"Be patient, bear everything for Me.

"Many souls are freely choosing to live in darkness. They think their decision is just for a few years on earth but it is for all eternity. Many souls are plunging into eternal fires and are damned for all times. Most are there because of sins of the flesh. Those who willfully choose to murder are there with them.

"Repeated willful impure thoughts, words and deeds are sending people to eternal fires of darkness. My children are making a conscious decision to break My commandment. They repeat this sin then rationalize it and, then, no longer recognize it as sin. I will banish these souls from My sight. I am a God of mercy and love and a just judge. Violation of My commandments kills the life of the soul.

"Woe be to this wicked sinful generation. How quick you are to cease your prayers of peace the moment you think your peace is achieved. The anger of God the Father is mounting. Woe be My people who march with the murderers, the abortionists. Woe be My priests who engage in impure acts."

"You have seen enough. You have heard enough. I have spoken."

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Catholic Conversion

Dear Nancy,

Peace to you in the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to drop you a note of my family's personal testament to the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Loving Mother in Conyers, Georgia.

I was dead and now I live. I had been away from the Church for 15 years, and was absolutely void of God in my life.

In July 1992 I made a pilgrimage to Conyers, GA. Before leaving my wife vowed to me that she would never convert to Catholicism. After praying on the Holy Hill, I called my wife to let her know I was okay (less than 12 hours later) and she told me that she had contacted my parish priest and was going to begin instructions to be received into the Church, while at the same time my wife's mother was touched and began instruction as well. Praise God ! I have seen with my own eyes the many miraculous wonders that are too numerous to count or name. But the true miracles in my life are the conversions, the return to the sacraments, and Our Lord being placed at the center of our family's life.

Cincinnati, OH

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