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(Message # 361)
What Others Cannot See, I Reveal to You

Jesus told Nancy, "From all the women on earth, I have chosen you. My Mother has come many times to you. Model after her. Model after Me...

"You live in the world but you are not to be of this world for the doors of Heaven have been open to you."

"When will you finally realize who you are? You are called to act like us, not like My children of the world. You live in the world but you are not to be of this world for the doors of Heaven have been opened to you...

"You have been given a great grace to see and know this. What others cannot see, I reveal to you, My chosen one. And you, My dearest daughter, will go forth and teach My children that have fallen away from Me..."

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May 13, 2002 | Supernatural Mainfestation | Cancer Vision | Cancer Healing | Catholic Conversion
Awakened Faith | Deepened Faith | Renewed Faith | Unconditional Love | Marriage Reconciled | Stop and smell the roses
Cancer Healing
11/23/98 - mammogram taken
12/16/98 - x-rays determined there was mass on the right breast that needed to be removed. It was dime size and deep.
12/17/98 - Luz called about a trip to Georgia. I was physically and mentally exhausted. My heart said go, my mind said stay home, I followed my heart.
12/19/98 - We went to Holy Hill where a friend prayed with me under the cross. He asked Jesus for one drop of Precious blood for his sister and the drop hit my head. It was misty rain but the drop was so strong I looked up at Jesus and claimed my healing. I had a beautiful peace come over me and maintained it over the holidays.
1/05/99 - Took first mammogram, they developed it and consulted the doctor. Took another, developed it and consulted the doctor. They said I needed yet another because it was deep. It was developed
and the doctor was consulted again. She returned with, "We can't find it". Praise God.
1/07-99 - Doctor's office called to inform me everything was OK
Jan. 1999
Kissimmee, Fl.


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