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The Holy Spirit of God is Alive in Each of You

Jesus said, "Take time for Me as I take time for you. Share with Me as I share with you. Include Me in every conversation. I like it when My daughter, Nancy, looks to Me while you are talking." [Often Nancy will look up to Jesus on the crucifix which is where He often appears and speaks to her.] "I have spoiled her with signs. I spoil all of you with My Living Presence. You may not receive the direct answers that you desire to your questions but know I am guiding you." [Nancy saw the Blessed Mother appear.]

"The Holy Spirit of God is alive in each of you. You are never alone. The days ahead will be horrible and terrible for the wicked." [Nancy said Jesus was crying.] "And My faithful ones are to trust Me. I am Jesus. I am the Son of God."

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May 13, 2002 | Supernatural Mainfestation | Cancer Vision | Cancer Healing | Catholic Conversion
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Awakened Faith

I am so thankful and so blessed to have learned of Nancy Fowler and Conyers, Ga. Because of Conyers, Ga. I have received the greatest gift of all - better then all the lotteries in the world put together. We first went to Conyers in July 93'(not on the 13th). 

I was spiritually dead and now been "awakened" for the first time! I thought my heart would BURST with love and joy. My heart was changed and softened to a point I can hardly believe myself. 

Now I am endlessly thirsting for God! I have grown so much spiritually. I read a lot, pray the rosary daily, attend mass daily, confession monthly. I have always been Catholic but could not see the greatness of the Mass until Jesus opened my eyes and ears at Conyers!

Lakeland, Fl.

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