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(Message # 580)
My Hand Is About to Strike the Earth

Nancy saw in a vision a big arm and hand descending. In the hand was Jesus with His heart exposed. Our Lady of Fatima was at the top of the arm. The vision disappeared and, then, Nancy saw the vision again.

Nancy expressed her sadness at the rejection she was receiving locally. Nancy then saw one saint after another including her mother.

Jesus said, "No one in all of the universe will keep you separate from Me.

"You suffer not in vain but for the glory of God."

"I tell you the suffering you are enduring is meriting you and others many graces. You suffer not in vain but for the glory of God.

"Behold My Mother."

Nancy saw the Blessed Mother appear and she thanked Jesus.

Nancy saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus appear again. There was bright mystical light in the room.

George said, "The last time you saw the arm with the Sacred Heart descend was just before the earthquake in Cairo, Egypt on October 12, 1992."

Jesus said, "A terrible earthquake is coming. A big earthquake is coming."

Jesus kept talking to Nancy. She had not repeated all His words. Jesus asked her to repeat these words: "My hand is about to strike the earth. My hand is about to strike the earth.

"My children are rejecting you."

Nancy again saw the big hand descend and Nancy thought she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus but the vision was fading. Nancy asked Jesus for help.

Jesus said, "An earthquake is coming."

Jesus ended in saying, "That is all."

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Awakened Faith

I am so thankful and so blessed to have learned of Nancy Fowler and Conyers, Ga. Because of Conyers, Ga. I have received the greatest gift of all - better then all the lotteries in the world put together. We first went to Conyers in July 93'(not on the 13th). 

I was spiritually dead and now been "awakened" for the first time! I thought my heart would BURST with love and joy. My heart was changed and softened to a point I can hardly believe myself. 

Now I am endlessly thirsting for God! I have grown so much spiritually. I read a lot, pray the rosary daily, attend mass daily, confession monthly. I have always been Catholic but could not see the greatness of the Mass until Jesus opened my eyes and ears at Conyers!

Lakeland, Fl.

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