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(Message # 110)
My Children Are Mixed Up

(December 10, 1990 66)
Jesus said, "Nancy, please tell My children about love. My children are all mixed up. The evil one has deceived them about love. He gives them a false love and impure love. He lures them in like a fish with bait. When they are on his hook, they can't escape. They do not have freedom. They have greater suffering, and they cannot free themselves without My help.

"Satan continually fishes for them. Do you know what happens to a fish that stays on a hook for a long time? It dies. It decays and smells. With Me you will never decay. You will only have the fragrance of sanctity. If you never decay, if you never die, then you live forever in the richness of My Kingdom.

"I chose fishermen and ordinary simple men to come follow Me. I told them I will make them fishers of men. They will not catch fish but men, their souls.

"The Evil One counterfeits everything. He fishes and traps men with fan- cy bait, and then they are hooked. He is the master of deception. He excels in pride and hatred. He glorifies only himself."

Nancy said, "I keep hearing 'he glorifies only himself'. Jesus is crying. It looks like blood. It is thicker than water coming down His face."

Jesus said, "[Like] a loving father, I want to warn you and protect you. Be on guard against those who come in sheep's clothing but inside are vicious wolves. They seek to destroy you. They are cunning and clever. They masquerade as My servants. Do not be deceived by their fancy titles and worldly fame. I will help you. Come to Me and ask Me. I am giving you more graces so that you will be able to know and not be deceived. In the days ahead many will fall in My Church and they will remain down because they will not come to Me for help."

Jesus often uses the word "father" with Nancy whom He often refers to as His dearest daughter.

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May 13, 2002

August 4, 2002 (Date testimony was written)

Please accept my witness to you as to what happened in Conyers, Georgia at the home of Nancy Fowler on May 13, 2002 in the prayer room around noontime. There were possibly 500 to 700 pilgrims there praying the rosary and it started to rain quite hard. Nancy prayed out to the Lord for the pilgrims who traveled to the site that God would please stop the rain until they finished praying the rosary, and amazingly so the rain stopped immediately, and in fact didn't start to rain again until all the prayers were finished.

In the meantime there was a small group of women in the prayer room, also praying the rosary, myself being one of them. Nancy and her friend Mona Karin have seen, and still do see the Cross-burst into mystical light. I
have never seen this ever, but on May 13, 2002 I saw a white mystical cross flash above the crucifix for an instant. Father, I couldn't believe my eyes, but I promise to you I did see it.

I have had a conversion to the Catholic faith as a direct result of "Our Loving Mother's" intercession at Conyers, Georgia and thank God everyday that I am in the Church receiving Jesus everyday at Mass.

Thank you for your time in reading my witness.

Yours in Christ,
Carol Bradford

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