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(Message # 373)
Find Life and Strength... in My Words

Jesus said, "Children, read the Scriptures and you will find life and strength and all the help that you need in My words. My Word is Life.

"You were asking Me about Satan. He, the evil one, will distract you in every way to keep you from feeding on My words, to keep you from hearing Me, to keep you away from Me.

When you reject Life in My Word, Satan is attacking you and influencing you."

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A small sample of testimonies
May 13, 2002 | Supernatural Mainfestation | Cancer Vision | Cancer Healing | Catholic Conversion
Awakened Faith | Deepened Faith | Renewed Faith | Unconditional Love | Marriage Reconciled | Stop and smell the roses
A small sample of moving testimonies from Pilgrims on how God's grace changed their lives because of Our Loving Mother's intercession through the Conyers Apparitions.

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