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(Message # 625)
Walk in Faith and Trust in My Goodness or Choose to Walk in Fear and Darkness

Nancy joined the pilgrims in the apparition room at the Farm to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary. As everyone began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Nancy saw great mystical light come down into the room. The mystical light was very bright around the crucifix. Nancy saw an angel present.

Jesus said, "On the feast day of My Mother, I ask you to free your temple of sin. Live the lives of holiness I have called each of you to live.

"My Mother and I are here.

"My children have stormed the earth with serious sin."

Nancy said the wall was scarlet red.

"Violent storms will come upon the earth.

"My children, I love you with an everlasting love.

"Honor My Mother. Honor My Mother." Jesus said these words in a pleading tone.

"I ask you to be a temple of holiness and walk in faith."

Nancy saw the Blessed Mother. She was praying.

Nancy also saw the outline of continents. They were scarlet red. They were shifting.

"Change your ways and return to Me."

Jesus continued speaking to Nancy from the crucifix, "Change your ways, My little children. Change your ways and return to Me.

"I am alive in your midst."

Nancy saw angels kneeling before the crucifix.

"Walk in faith and trust in My goodness [Jesus paused] or choose to walk in fear and darkness.

"My living presence is My gift to you. Come before Me with utmost reverence. Partake of Me in the state of grace with your temple pure."

Nancy again saw the Blessed Mother.

Jesus then said, "I bless you."

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