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(Message # 931)
You Are Suffering More because You Have Chosen to Take Your Eyes Off of Me

Nancy asked, "Have I lost my way?"

Jesus answered, "'Have I lost my way?' When you ask that, you are asking 'Have you lost Me?', because I am the Way. I will never abandon you.

"You are suffering more because you have chosen to take your eyes off of Me. When you focus on your own suffering and your own life situation, then your suffering is greater.

"All suffering is greater when you try to carry the cross alone, apart from Me. When you keep your eyes on Me, then I am able to help you to carry the cross.

"I am giving you graces that you need to suffer for Me. You should understand that I suffered for you and for all mankind. I ask you to love Me, to suffer for Me.

"My way is to be little and to follow...
A follower gives up his will and follows."

"I never give you a cross that is heavier than you can endure. The cross seems unbearable and too heavy when you try to carry the cross alone, apart from Me and apart from the Simon of Cyrene that I have sent expressly to help you."

"Many of My children are too prideful and they often refuse the help that I have sent to them. My way is to be little and to follow. A follower accepts the direction from the leader. A follower gives up his will and follows. If you keep your own will prominent, then you are not likely to follow.

"I will end by saying: Submit your will in everything and in every moment to My Will and, in doing this wholeheartedly, you will have happiness. The reward is My peace.

"Thank you for coming to Me. Why are you stubborn and why do you wait too long?

"As a father wants to help his children and he does not want his children to suffer, so I come to you and I say: I am here to help you. I love you. Come to Me as a little child."

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