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(Message # 403)
Behold My Light. Behold My Life. Behold My Love

At the Farm just before noon in a room adjacent to the apparition room, Jesus appeared to Nancy. Jesus said, "My youth of the world are causing Me great suffering.

"My youth of the world are causing Me great suffering."

"In every moment I pour forth My Love to all of mankind."

Everything in the room was glowing in mystical white light. The corpus of Jesus on the crucifix glowed in such bright light that Nancy could no longer see the vision of Jesus alive on the crucifix.

"Behold My Light. Behold My Life. Behold My Love."

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Message # 810.
The Prayers That Are Most Precious
(March 25, 1989)

When Nancy was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus said, "The prayers that are most precious and dear to Me are the ones that come from the heart."

Message # 808.
I Ask You to Be Reconciled with Your Parents
(May 13, 1995)

... Nancy asked, "Which prayers are most pleasing to You?"

Jesus said, "The prayers that come from My children's hearts. I receive all prayers. The prayers from your heart go directly into My heart."

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