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(Message # 902)
The Vision at Mass

At the morning Mass immediately after the priest said, "Through Him, with Him and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit all honor and glory is yours almighty Father forever and ever", Nancy saw a big flash of bright mystical light when everyone responded "Amen." The mystical light flashed all the way around the archway of the Church. Nancy thought, "The word 'Amen' must be very important."

After Mass Nancy checked the dictionary for the meaning of "Amen" and found that it was a solemn way of saying "We agree, we join in." She realized that at that point in the Mass, the priest and the people are joining their sacrifices to Jesus and offering them to God the Father.

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Holy Spirit Prayer

Come Holy Spirit of God, fill my heart with burning love for you, look upon my lowliness and poverty.

Teach me Your ways that I may give praise and glory to you alone, and in the name of Jesus and Mary I bind you satan and all you evil spirits and your senses and I cast you from myself from this room (from these people here), never to return unless the Almighty God permits otherwise.

 And I plead and place the Precious Blood of Jesus around me, this room (around these people), that no evil influences, deception, interference, harm or division may approach whatsoever while I am in prayer and while I am meeting with someone or some people. Amen.

(Inspired by God to Nancy while on the phone on January 10, 1999)

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