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(Message # 12)
I Am Your Light

(December 10, 1990 8)
Nancy had been doing some things on her own, without letting Jesus lead. This independence was leading to a lack of peace and some frustration. Also, she was letting what some people were saying take her focus off Jesus.

Jesus appeared and again reminded her, "Nancy, you are like the dog at the end of the chain. You are tugging and fighting. You are going to get very worn out. Please let the Master lead. Walk in harmony with the Master. The dog does not have greater intelligence than the master. The dog must rely on the master for his food, for his care. The dog learns to trust the master. He knows the master loves him. The dog knows the master will not lead him astray. Walk in harmony with the Master. Walk in trust. If the master takes care of the dog, how much greater care will I give to My dear children. Is there anyone on earth, is there anyone anywhere who can love you more than I do? Is there anyone, anywhere who suffers like I do for you?

"Is there anyone, anywhere who has greater patience than I? My little child come, come to Me. I will mend your wounds. I will dry your tears. I will comfort you in sorrow. I will speak to you in silence. I am your light, and I will show you the way. You will never need to be afraid of the dark- ness. I will never abandon you, and My love is endless. In My love you will never be thirsty, and you will never hunger. You will never lack anything."

Nancy said, I am so unworthy to see Your face."

Jesus said, "My little child of mercy. My precious little girl, will you ever find a greater friend, a greater companion, a greater teacher, a greater physician? Will you ever find anyone greater? Will you ever find any more learned than I am? Will you ever find anyone who has greater riches to give you?"

Nancy said, "There is no one greater, Lord, than You."

Jesus said, "Then why, dear, dear, dear precious daughter, do you look to man before Me? Do I place anyone before you? Please do not try to understand what you can never understand. I am beyond all human reason, logic, feelings. I am beyond time. I am beyond everything in the physical world of man. How I pour My love out to you and all of mankind. Weary am I to find no place to rest. When you rest, do you not want to rest for a while?"

Nancy said, "He is crying."

Jesus said, "If only I could rest longer in you and all of mankind."

Nancy said, "He is radiant and the light is fluctuating and affecting my eyes because of the brightness. I see the crucified face of Jesus. He is worn out and exhausted."

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