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Pray as You Have Never Prayed Before

Nancy, George, a priest and a friend were talking in the apparition room in Nancy's home. The priest has been a spiritual advisor to Nancy for a number of years. The friend, whom Nancy has known for many years, has on a number of occasions, had the same mystical experiences at exactly the same moment as Nancy.

The friend's mystical experiences typically confirm what Nancy has experienced. This was dramatically documented by neurologist, Dr. Ramon Sanchez, during follow-up scientific and medical testing of Nancy in the summer of 1993. A detailed account of the parallel testing of Nancy and the friend was published in Chapter 7 of the book "Why Do You Test Me?" by Ron Tesoriero [see Appendix G]. A summary of this testing was also published in the July 1994 Journal.

On this particular evening, they were all talking about the mysterious ways in which God works at times, particularly in regard to the Conyers apparitions. Nancy was feeling a strong sense of urgency. She felt that the messages of Jesus and the Blessed Mother at Conyers were not reaching enough people. Nancy remembered the recent messages concerning earthquakes some of which had been published in the November '94 Journal. [Please refer to the messages of November 16, 1994 and December 8, 1994 in that Journal.]

Nancy said, "We are coming close to a big earthquake." Nancy felt a bolt of chills as she said this. The friend saw mystical light as Nancy said these words. [Two major earthquakes later stuck Japan. The first was hours later on December 28, 1994 and the second on January 17, 1995.]

Nancy was looking toward the glass doors in the apparition room. Through the glass Nancy began to see a vision. She saw an old person with a white beard and white hair in bright mystical light. Nancy felt a great sense of the presence of God.

The friend realized that Nancy was seeing a vision. He moved close to Nancy and he began to witness the same vision which Nancy was seeing.

Nancy and the friend both saw a vision of a lifeless body, partially clothed lying flat, chest down on the ground.

In a separate vision off to the side, they both saw an old man moving quickly but they could not see the man's features very well. There appeared to be much white light around the man's head. He appeared to be carrying something and then releasing it. The old man disappeared.

Next they saw a huge, white polar bear.

Then they saw two people talking with each other. They appeared to be men. It seemed as if the men were trying to hide their faces, talking in secrecy like they were conspiring with each other. One of the men looked directly at Nancy and the friend. He appeared annoyed that Nancy and the friend could see what they were doing.

Then both men seemed angry that Nancy and the friend were able to see what they were trying to do in secrecy. Nancy became fearful and prayed to Jesus for protection.

The two men talked for a long period of time in the shadows. Their facial features seemed to be oriental. They also had an evil appearance, particularly the look in their eyes. There were dark circles around their eyes.

Then one of the two men went over to the polar bear. The man was talking to the polar bear and the bear was passively listening. The conversation continued for a long time. The man kept crouching down lower as he talked to the bear in secrecy. It was as if the man was doing this so that Nancy and the friend could not hear what he was saying to the bear.

Nancy and the friend then saw another person in the background to the left of the bear. The person stayed in the shadows and appeared to have a weapon. They could not see the features of this person.

The polar bear then began to fade gradually and eventually disappeared. As the bear faded away in the vision, the oriental man, who was talking to the bear, remained and became larger. Nancy's friend observed that the oriental man was holding what seemed to be a dangerous weapon in both hands.

After the polar bear faded away, another person appeared in the same place as the polar bear. The person was dressed in the traditional clothing of an American Indian. The oriental man was to the right side of the Indian and he approached the Indian. The oriental man was larger than the Indian.

As the oriental man came out of the shadows, he was dressed as a soldier. He had black circles around his eyes and his facial expression looked evil. It looked like he could not be trusted and that he was now hiding something in one hand behind his back.

The Indian had a tomahawk. At first the Indian and the oriental man were conversing normally but as they continued, the discussion seemed to become more and more unfriendly. Their facial expressions became increasingly more angry in appearance. The Indian eventually struck the oriental man with the tomahawk between the eyes but it did not have any effect on the oriental man. The Indian looked full of pride as he attacked the oriental man. The oriental man was strong and powerful and remained unharmed. He was full of pride as well.

As the Indian was attacking the oriental man with no success, the oriental man looked at Nancy and her friend with a smirk on his face. Nancy and her friend were petrified by his evil appearance, particularly the look in his eyes. The vision was so real that Nancy and her friend prayed to Jesus for help. As they prayed, the oriental man turned away.

The Indian struck the oriental man again on the side of his face. At this point the oriental man grabbed the tomahawk with one hand and struggled with the Indian. The Indian was prideful and relentlessly struggled with the oriental man. The oriental man seemed confident that he would win the struggle.

As the oriental man and the Indian struggled for the tomahawk, the Indian began to fade from view and was falling toward the ground. The Indian was becoming weaker, being overpowered by the oriental.

The oriental man now had the tomahawk. He was getting bigger and was smiling cynically. The oriental man looked again at Nancy and her friend. It looked like he was ready to come after them.

Nancy prayed, "Jesus, in Your Holy Name, keep us hidden. Please, Jesus, hide us." As Nancy prayed, the oriental man stopped looking at them.

Nancy and her friend thought the vision had ended. There was a moment of silence; then they saw a vision of the sky. On the horizon there appeared to be a massive explosion. A large mushroom cloud appeared, like that of an atomic explosion.

They both saw a person consumed by the heat of the explosion. The person was screaming in great pain.

After the explosion, everything looked white and desolate like a barren land. There was a great sense of isolation, no people could be seen.

Nancy said, "I see a snake, a serpent in the mushroom cloud.

"The land is level; no, there is a mountain far off in the distance. It looks like snow on the land."

Nancy saw the oriental man again and said, "He is looking at us. Keep us hidden, Jesus.

"He is fading now."

The vision ended at this point.

After the apparition Nancy and the friend were awed and shaken by what they had just seen. The images of the oriental man, the Indian and the bear were almost life-sized. The experience was so realistic that they were very scared, particularly when the oriental man would look at them. Yet when they prayed to Jesus for help, the oriental man would turn away from them.

Nancy and the friend were talking about how quiet yet powerful the vision was and they wondered about the meaning of the vision. They prayed for an understanding of the vision.

Then a new apparition began. They both saw an intense, mystical light over the crucifix. The light also bathed the surrounding walls in mystical light.

Jesus appeared to Nancy and said, "My dear children, two of you have been given a tremendous grace to see into the future through the eyes of God. Now you have the responsibility [Jesus was crying] to pray, pray, pray as you have never prayed before."

The friend said that as Nancy repeated the words of Jesus, everything in the room was flooded with intense mystical light.

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April 26, 2004

Today Nancy had a series of mystical visions of people who appeared all in white with their hands together in a prayerful way. This occurred when she said, we need to add more prayers to the website and we need to pray for the grace to obey and keep the ten commandments of God.

10 Commandments

  1. I Am the Lord your God: You shall not have strange gods before me.

  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

  3. Remember to keep holy the Lord's day.

  4. Honor your father and mother.

  5. You shall not kill.

  6. You shall not commit adultery.

  7. You shall not steal.

  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

  9. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

  10. You shall not covet your neighbor's good's.


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