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(Message # 24)
Embrace the Cross

(August 14 and 15, 1990 18)
Jesus said, "Nancy, I've told you the cross is light. The world thinks the cross is darkness. It is Light. There is victory in the cross. When they climb and accept this cross, they come to God. This understanding comes from Me, not your mind.

"You see how all mankind is part of the Trinity. You must climb the cross to get to the Trinity. So you see why you must embrace the cross? Look in all the books and you will not find this understanding I have given you about the cross.

"The Blessed Mother's statue is in the right place. The altar is right to be a cross [in the shape of a cross]. I'm to be placed in the center, the heart."

Before Nancy moved to Conyers, a vision was given to her showing a cross formed out of big rocks on the Holy Hill. Jesus said to build this "altar" in the shape of the cross with the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the center of the cross and a statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the foot. Also shown in the vision was a wooden cross.

Jesus continued, "Now Nancy will you accept My gift? Will you embrace it? Will you thank Me? Will you not see My love? I give everything in love. Everything that comes from Me is given in love."

New Reading

Message # 810.
The Prayers That Are Most Precious
(March 25, 1989)

When Nancy was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus said, "The prayers that are most precious and dear to Me are the ones that come from the heart."

Message # 808.
I Ask You to Be Reconciled with Your Parents
(May 13, 1995)

... Nancy asked, "Which prayers are most pleasing to You?"

Jesus said, "The prayers that come from My children's hearts. I receive all prayers. The prayers from your heart go directly into My heart."

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