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(Message # 380)
You Will Suffer More

In the morning Jesus appeared to Nancy and said, "My Mother will speak about darkness. As you wander further from God, you will suffer more."

Nancy saw a great light come into the room. She saw tears on the face of the statue of Our Loving Mother. Nancy heard the Blessed Mother say, "My children, you have blocked your ears and closed your hearts to hearing the word of God. You do not want to believe that my Son has sent me to help you."

Later around midnight, the Blessed Mother appeared and said, "My children, have you blocked your ears and closed your hearts to the word of God. My Son has sent me to help you. Do you not believe that I echo my Son's words to you?"

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Monthly Messages - 1995
From Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler at Conyers, Georgia

On September 2, 1990 The Blessed Mother said, "There is too little faith here. I am very sad. This is my first message for the United States of America." Our Loving Mother said to Nancy that she would appear on the 13th of each month with a message for the United States.

1995 Messages on the 13th
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A Message from Jesus on Patience
January 13, 1995

In the Blessed Mother's last regular monthly message to the United States on May 13, 1994, she said, "The purpose of my coming is to bring you to my Son."

Since then, Jesus has given a message on the 13th of each month at the apparition site. The only exception was in October when the Blessed Mother gave her Anniversary Message. The Blessed Mother has said that she will give a message each October 13th. On January 13, 1995 Jesus gave the following message on the virtue of patience:

"My dearest daughter, today I wish to speak to you about the virtue of patience. It is for everyone but I am directing it to you.

"From the wood of the cross, I gave the world salvation and the way of perfection in Love. I am the way and through My earthly journey, I showed you the way by bearing your daily trials and difficulties. You have My example to follow. Come, little children, and follow after Me.

"I speak to each one of you in the silence of your hearts. Do you not hear Me?

"I am alive in your midst and I desire to take rest within each of your hearts. You make the way ready for Me and you do this in your daily walk with Me by imitating My virtues.

"I bore your daily trials and difficulties with patience. Reflect upon My patience in love of you. Ask for the grace to be given the strength and wisdom to have the virtue of patience everyday. Ask and you will receive.

"Be patient with each other as I am patient with you.

"You desire Eternal Life with Me, then acquire My virtues -- imitate them."

"Glorify God Alone"
February 13, 1995

As the pilgrims outside were singing the Fatima Song, streams of bright, white, mystical light and a cross descended into the apparition room. The Blessed Mother with the Baby Jesus in her arms appeared to the left of the crucifix. Many saints, one after another appeared. There was mystical light around the crucifix as the Corpus of Christ burst forth in brilliant white light. Jesus said,

"My Mother and I are here." The image of Jesus was superimposed on the cross and became alive. Shortly after the Rosary began and as the leader prayed the words "Glory be to the Father", Jesus turned His head and looked up toward Heaven. Jesus said,

"Did you hear the words: Glory be [He paused] to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? To give proper glory to God, you must be humble.

"Thank you for your acts of reparation. I ask My children to make reparation. Look upon the crucifix and understand in your heart the reparation I made for you.

"Do not seek signs and wonders but seek Me in My Living Presence in your midst. Come before Me with reverence and repentant hearts.

"Children, I desire to heal you. Come to Me.

"Again I say: Do not seek signs and wonders, seek Me alone. Satan is deceiving you and you do not know it. Do not be deceived by false messages. I tell you there are many. My words are Life and they bring Life to your soul.

"All glory is Mine. Give all glory to God alone. Give glory to God in selfless acts of love and sacrifice from your heart to My heart.

"Reflect upon the word 'glory'. You say this word but you do not know this word. Look in the Bible and see how many times 'glory' is written and I tell you, children, you do not know this word.

"From the cross I gave My Father the supreme act of glory. Glorify God alone. You cannot glorify God unless you deny yourself, take up your cross and follow in My footsteps.

"Glory, glory, glory not from your lips [there was a lengthy pause] but from the depths of your heart in acts of selfless love. Give to Me as I give to you." At this point the meditation for the First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, was read. Jesus continued,

"Did you hear the words just said: 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass Me by?' Will you drink of the cup? Do not let the cup pass you by. Drink of the cup by giving yourself to Me wholeheartedly, completely, [Jesus paused] entirely." From the crucifix, Jesus looked upward. He then lowered His head and became still. A large angel appeared at the foot of the crucifix. Jesus continued speaking,

"My peace is My gift to you. Die to your self first." The wall turned scarlet red and the crucifix glowed in bright, white, mystical light as Jesus said,

"My children, glorify God in selfless love for Me." Nancy saw Jesus suffering on the crucifix. Jesus said,

"My children, I love you. My children, I love you. My children, I love you." Jesus kept repeating these words over and over. Nancy wondered aloud why Jesus kept repeating the words. Jesus explained,

"Believe [He paused and with utmost tenderness said,] and know this." A brilliant, glowing white light was superimposed over the crucifix. In this light, the face of Jesus alternated between that of the suffering Jesus and the Risen Christ. The suffering face of Jesus looked upward. The face of the Risen Christ looked directly at Nancy. Jesus then said,

"Surrender. Surrender your will. You glorify God in your surrender, little one. Glorify God in the cross. Glorify the One Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Nancy prayed quietly for the pilgrims, "Please, Jesus, let the lame walk. Let the blind see. Let the tumors be gone. "Jesus then said,

"Glorify God in the cross.

"Raise your hands and voices to God in thanksgiving and praise, and give the glory to God by the way you live your life. Again I say: Glorify God alone." Jesus turned His head, looked upward and became still. There was an image of a woman at the foot of the crucifix praying. Then the image of a cross ascended and disappeared. Nancy noticed some scapulars and rosaries which pilgrims had left in the apparition room. Nancy wondered if Jesus had blessed them during the apparition. Momentarily a light flashed into the room as Jesus said,

"Yes, Nancy, everyone, everything has been blessed."

"My Children are not listening"
March 13, 1995

Jesus said, "My children are not listening." Outlines of the continents appeared on the wall behind the crucifix. The wall was now scarlet red in color. The Blessed Mother appeared with her hands folded in prayer. Jesus repeated,

"My children are not listening." The wall again turned a scarlet red color. Nancy understood this meant suffering. She also saw a huge wave of water. Jesus continued speaking,

"My children are failing to recognize their sins. My children are not calling sin, sin.

"Ask Me for the grace to know your sins. My children, your sins are numerous before God. [There was a long pause] Ask and you will receive.

"Ask for the grace to know your sins of darkness in your life; then, have a true contrition for them. Ask Me for the grace that you will not desire to repeat the same sins. Ask and you will receive.

"With all your heart, desire to come closer to Me. Only in this way will you begin to live the gospel I proclaimed." At this point Nancy saw a vision of a person leaning against and merging into the chest of Jesus. Jesus said,

"Be united with Me in each and every Communion." Many saints, one after another, continued to appear.

"My children are looking everywhere for Me but they cannot find Me because they are not looking in the right places.

"They look and do not see. They speak and they do not hear.

"My Kingdom is not of this world. You look for the gods of this world and you think you are looking for Me." At this moment George, who was writing this message for Nancy, dropped his pen. He reached down and picked it up. Jesus said through Nancy,

"You dropped your pen. You looked for it and you found it. You found what you were seeking.

"My children look everywhere for Me. They look for a king, a king of this world. They look but they do not find Me.

"Look beyond your senses. Look not with your intellect.

"Look not with your intellect but in the depths of your heart. See Me and walk with Me in the depths of your heart."

"Behold the memorial of My sacrifice
April 13, 1995 - Holy Thursday

Jesus said, "My beloved children, behold the Memorial of My Sacrifice. Behold the Sacrificial Lamb.

"Come unto Me with repentant and humble hearts." Momentarily Nancy saw an image of the suffering face of Christ in mystical light.

"Come to the table of My new covenant ready to receive Me. Partake of My Body and My Blood in the state of grace." In a vision Nancy saw the wall behind the crucifix turned a light pinkish color. A mystical substance which looked like blood flowed down the wall. On the crucifix the corpus of Christ was bursting with bright mystical light. Then a light flashed into the room that looked like lightning. The wall turned a scarlet color as Jesus said:

"Please partake of My Body and Blood in the state of grace and in total abandonment of your will to My Will. Separate not your state of grace and your surrender. Come before Me in this way." Jesus appeared as glorified in bright light. The wall turned scarlet and pinkish colors. Jesus did not speak as He turned His head toward Heaven and then downward, looking at everyone in the room. There was such a sense of surrender and great suffering on His face as Jesus, appearing on the cross, said:

"I did this for you." There was a long pause. Then great mystical light emanated from the cross as Jesus said:

"Come and eat and drink at My table. I give you the food of Life and you will never thirst and you will never go hungry in My Kingdom.

"You have My Heart completely, totally in every Communion."

"There is victory and liberation in the Cross"
May 13, 1995

From the crucifix in the apparition room, Jesus looked toward Heaven in prayer. He then said, "Please tell My children there is victory and liberation in the Cross. You cannot understand the mystery of suffering until you begin to unite your suffering to Me.

"In suffering I will set you free. I will free you from your selfish inclinations.

"I invite you to live in My grace." The wall turned scarlet and Nancy saw the outline of the continents.

"Do not begrudge the Cross but embrace the Cross in love and in surrender of your will. Then you will begin to understand the victory which I speak about in the Cross.

"This is the way to true happiness. The way of the Cross is the way of Life Eternal in Me.

"I have spoken. Know that I am Jesus, Son of the Living God." After a little while Jesus said,

"I asked Peter: Do you love Me? I ask you: Do you love Me? Love Me through the Cross." Nancy saw visions of many saints. Jesus said,

"A saint is not a saint without the Cross. Be not children of this world. Be children of God.

"Meditate on the Cross.

"I love you all, My dear children."

"Walk in faith and trust in My goodness"
June 13, 1995

Jesus said to Nancy, "My children have pushed Me out of their lives. They no longer believe. They no longer believe in God. My children have lost their way.

"My Mother and I are here with the heavenly court of angels and saints. We have come to help you. Pray again that you may have faith. Without faith you cannot trust Me. You cannot believe." Nancy expressed her concern about people who doubted the apparitions. Jesus said,

"You are concerned about those who do not believe in your gifts. Fear not, little one. Pray for the unbelievers." Nancy then saw much light around the crucifix and on the Corpus of Christ. Jesus appeared life-like on the crucifix. Jesus said,

"The light that you see is the light you profess in your Creed. God from God; Light from Light." The Blessed Mother appeared dressed all in white like Our Lady of Fatima. She was kneeling and facing the crucifix. Then a beautiful angel also appeared, kneeling and facing the crucifix. The crucifix was in a great, bright, mystical light. Then the wall behind the crucifix turned a scarlet red. Jesus said,

"My dearest daughter, My children do not accept your gifts because they do not accept My gifts first.

"It is a privilege to carry the cross and suffer for Me.

"It is an honor and privilege to carry My cross of love. Look at the saints that appear now before you. They know these words well." Later Jesus said,

"To all My children I say: accept your cross and walk with Me. This invitation comes from My merciful heart." As everyone continued praying the Rosary, Nancy saw many saints appear along with flashing, mystical light. During the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, all the mystical light totally disappeared. Nancy continued praying and later she again saw mystical light on the crucifix. Jesus said,

"You prayed, little one, even though you could not see [any mystical light] for a time. That is good. You did not doubt My presence here. That is good.

"The message for My children: walk in faith and trust in My goodness."

"My children seek signs and wonders"
July 13, 1995

Jesus said, "My children seek signs and wonders. They do not seek Me in the depths of their hearts.

"Believe the Scriptures.

"When you gather together in My Name, I am here." Nancy saw bright mystical light on the crucifix from which Jesus was speaking. Arcs of light like flashes of lightning came down into the room as she saw numerous saints continually appearing. As the pilgrims prayed "Give us our daily bread, " mystical light appeared again. For a split second Nancy saw the crucified Christ and then the resurrected Christ. In a thunderous voice Jesus said,

"Abortion is murder." Jesus repeated these words several times and then He said,

"As you murder the life of the most innocent, you are murdering the life of your very soul.

"Remember, thou shall not kill.

"You reap what you sow." The wall turned red as Jesus spoke the preceding words and mystical light flashed as saints continued to appear. Nancy saw a vision of a farmer in a field in which he had planted many things. The soil was dry and the seeds did not sprout. Jesus said,

"What seeds do you plant and what do you want Me to cultivate? "Later, Nancy was praying for a blind nun whom she had not met but knew was present for the apparition. Jesus said,

"My daughter who is without sight sees more than My children who have sight." Later Nancy was praying for the pilgrims who were outside in the hot sun. She said to Jesus, "They are very hot outside,"Jesus replied,

"Do they thirst for the Word of God or do they thirst for the water of the earth.

"Do you fear My judgments or the judgments of man. Do you serve Me or do you serve others? Do you come seeking My love and My mercy?" Nancy saw the vision of the farmer again. He was now kicking the earth as if he was frustrated. Then the farmer dropped and sat upon the ground. Jesus continued,

"Do you come here seeking Me in the depths of your heart? How shall I call you - a believer or a non-believer, a follower of Mine or a fallen away child?

"I love you, My dear little children." The mystical light was very bright. In a vision Nancy saw military troops marching. Later Nancy was thinking about people who questioned her visions of the saints. Nancy asked Jesus, "Some people are saying that dead people appear here." Jesus replied,

"Are they dead or are they alive?" Nancy saw many saints appearing again and she exclaimed, "They are alive! "Jesus then said,

"Tell them." Later in the Rosary, Nancy could no longer see any mystical light. At the exact moment that a nun began the 5th Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Nancy suddenly saw the mystical light again and many saints appeared. George then told Nancy that it was the blind nun who was now leading the Rosary. Nancy prayed for the nun saying, "Jesus, please heal the nun's sight." Jesus said,

"I tell you she has greater sight than the rest.

"You come seeking a healing, pray for the healing of your soul. Seek this healing.

"The souls of the lukewarm pierce My heart through and through. The souls of the lukewarm are withering, they are dying. Be on guard against the temptations of laziness, of worldliness.

"My heart is rich in mercy and compassion. Come unto Me like a little child who is sorry for hurting his parents. Be a little child before Me.

"Walk among your sisters and brothers in humility and love." In a vision Nancy saw a map of the world. The continents were in red. The map of the world appeared and faded several times and then it vanished. Jesus said,

"In a twinkling of an eye the world can change.

"Oh My children, no one loves you like I do."

"My worldly children do not know Me
... You cannot serve two masters"
August 12 and 13, 1995

On August 12, 1995, just before Nancy was to leave her home and speak to the pilgrims gathered on the Holy Hill, Jesus said, "My worldly children do not know Me. It is My children who seek Me from the depths of their hearts that know Me. You cannot serve two masters. If you are busy serving one, you cannot know the other.

"Say to My children: Reflect upon those words." On August 13, 1995, just before Nancy was to leave her home to go to the apparition room, Jesus said,

"I want My children to realize the gifts that they are gathering, are possessing them.

"My children, you have many riches and yet you are very poor. Seek My heavenly gifts, then you are made rich.

"Reflect on the Beatitudes. Live by these guidelines.

"You may possess wealth but do not let wealth possess you.

"Now I ask you to repeat these words to My children.

"Thank you, little one, for listening." Later, in the main apparition room, as the pilgrims sang the Ave Maria, there was a flash of mystical light as the Blessed Mother appeared. As mystical light appeared on the crucifix, one saint after another appeared. The crucifix became engulfed in bright light. Many angels and saints were now present. Jesus said,

"I desire to possess all My children.

"My children, do not be deceived and let the false riches possess you.

"Is not My embrace sufficient for you, My dear little children?

"Come to Me, My little children. I will comfort you, all of you who mourn and weep and suffer.

"As I embrace each one of you, I ask you to embrace the beatitudes." Nancy saw a vision of the world. The world was scarlet in color. Nancy understood that this signified suffering. Above the crucifix, Nancy saw a small dove. From the crucifix, Jesus looked down at the priests and pilgrims in the apparition room. Jesus then turned His head and looked upward. There was suffering reflected on Jesus' face. Nancy saw the Resurrected Christ in light and then the suffering face of Jesus in light looking upward from the cross. The vision was repeated many times. Nancy asked Jesus, "Why do I see this? "Jesus said,

"I am living and I died for you.

"My children, will you not love Me?" Nancy saw what looked like a tombstone with writing on it at the foot of the cross. Jesus said,

"Pray. Pray. Pray everyday for the souls who die." Nancy saw the top of the cross turn into a crown in light. During the Sorrowful Mysteries, Nancy did not see any mystical light. It was not until the Third Glorious Mystery, the Decent of the Holy Spirit, that Nancy again could see a mystical cross of light which was followed by great beams of light coming down into the room. She could now see many angels and saints. Jesus said,

"Did you experience an emptiness when I withdrew part of the gift?

"Say to My children: It is better to have the fullness of My gifts. Do not throw My gifts aside.

"Tell My children Who is the giver of the gifts."

"This call goes out to all mankind,
to walk the way of the cross."
September 13, 1995

As the pilgrims sang the Fatima Song, Nancy saw mystical light come down into the apparition room. One saint after another appeared and the Blessed Mother momentarily appeared dressed in white. Then the wall turned pink in color and the crucifix became luminous in bright mystical light. From the crucifix Jesus said,

"Begin each day in your spiritual exercises by offering to Me your sacrifices. Offer to Me all your sacrifices of the day. When you do this, you will not be taken by surprise when I call upon you to give the sacrifice to Me. You see, you will then be in the state of preparedness, ready to offer everything to Me that I will ask of you.

"Live each day in the state of preparedness, ready to give all to Me. Live every moment for Me. You do not know the hour, the time when I will call forth for your sacrifice. Love Me as I love you.

"This call goes out to all mankind, to walk the way of the cross. The cross is your way to Heaven. The cross is your victory over the evil one. When you surrender your daily offerings to Me, you are surrendering your will to Me.

"My will for each of you [Jesus paused] is total obedience, humility and the greatest of all is to love [Jesus paused again] as I have loved you." Nancy saw many saints appear and kneel facing the crucifix which glowed in luminous light. Jesus said,

"You are seeing the saints who have run the race and kept the faith and who have carried their cross for love of Me." Nancy saw Padre Pio, St. Joseph and other saints appear. Jesus said,

"St. Dominic, St. Francis, St. Benedict, St. Anthony, all the saints you have ever heard the name and many more. Many saints are not known to My children of the world. They are known only to Me alone. You know only some. I know them all." Nancy continued to see many saints. It was impossible for her to count all of them. Then, from the mystical image of Christ on the crucifix, Nancy saw the intensity of light grow brighter on the cheeks of Jesus. Jesus said,

"You will be slapped many times. Rejoice." Nancy prayed for the mercy of Jesus upon the United States and upon people in all nations. Jesus said,

"Seek My mercy and you shall have My mercy."


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