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(Message # 176)
Teach My Children about My Presence in the Tabernacle

(April 16, 1991 93)
Nancy and George were praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The light came over the crucifix and Jesus said, "My precious daughter, please always think of Me when you pray this prayer. Did I not die for you?"

Nancy had started the prayer, "Eternal Father I offer you..."

And Jesus said, "Now say it slowly."

Nancy said, "Eternal Father, I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ present in all the Tabernacles of the world in reparation for my sins and the sins of the whole world." She questioned why she said this rather than the Divine Mercy prayer. Nancy said, "After saying the prayer this way, why did I say the prayer that way? Now I can't remember the original."

George said, "When Jesus is in the Tabernacle He is always praying for us and offering atonement. He is silently waiting for us, offering Himself for us."

"George, you are correct," Jesus said through Nancy. "Think about the words you are saying in the prayer.

"Precious daughter, I don't want you just to recite prayers. Know what you are saying and say it from your heart.

"Teach My children about My presence in the Tabernacle." Jesus often speaks to Nancy as she is praying before the Tabernacle. Occasionally she sees rays of light come from the Tabernacle.

"In order to teach My children this prayer, you must understand this prayer fully. Remember, it is My request that this prayer be echoed all over the world." Jesus is speaking about the Angel's Prayer at Fatima.

"You will teach Sunday about this prayer. George, she wants to get through My commandments and I keep postponing it." Jesus had been giving Nancy teachings on the Commandments to present on the Holy Hill each week to the Sunday Prayer Group. Jesus had inserted this teaching in the middle of the teachings on the Commandments.

Nancy said, "He knows everything."

Jesus said, "You will be finished teaching when you put your head on a pillow and draw your last breath."

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Monthly Messages - 1992
From Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler at Conyers, Georgia

On September 2, 1990 The Blessed Mother said, "There is too little faith here. I am very sad. This is my first message for the United States of America." Our Loving Mother said to Nancy that she would appear on the 13th of each month with a message for the United States.

1992 Messages on the 13th
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January 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, be children of light. Walk away from sin. Please children, many of you are in danger of losing Heaven forever. There is no greater suffering than the loss of God. Prepare yourselves for eternal happiness. Come follow my Son's light. Banish all darkness from your souls. Keep the laws of God. You cannot love God without keeping His commandments. I bless you. I am praying for you to come to the light. As my Son went to the water for His Baptism, I ask you to return to the light of your Baptism. Please remember to thank my Son for allowing me to come."

February 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear little children of America, it is a grace to desire simpleness and littleness. Ask for the grace to live simply and to be humble. Be children of light. Know the commandments of God and carry these laws of God in your hearts. In this way you will know God and you will grow in love with Him and with each other. Little children, the commandments of God have been given to you to help you be united with God. My Son and I love each of you. I desire each of you to be united with my Son forever. Please amend your lives and return to God. Please do as I ask, or you will have much more to suffer. I bless you. Come and seek refuge in my Immaculate Heart. I am Blessed Virgin Mary the Loving Mother of God, and your Loving Mother. Come little children, and let me lead you to my Son. As you make the sign of the cross, I will bless you and everything you have brought with you. Please thank my Son for permitting me to come."

March 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear Children of America, please understand these times are times of great mercy. The cup of salvation overflows upon the United States and over the whole world. Bathe, little children, in the love and mercy of God. Be clean. If you refuse the love and mercy of God and refuse to be clean, then greater sufferings will befall you. Prepare. Deny yourself. Carry your cross and follow in my Son's footsteps. He has set the path before you. Unless you are following in His footsteps, you are not following. Live for God. Walk the passion in Love. Let me help you each step of the way.

"Thank you, my dear little children. This is the end of the message."

April 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, with tears I plead with you. Pray, children, pray. Begin your journey of prayer by taking a step. Examine your relationship with God and with each other. Amend your life. Please listen. You will suffer much more by living apart from God. At this time meditate upon the passion of my Son, Jesus, and in this way you will receive the strength for the passions of your life. America, awaken from your sleep and stand with my Son. I bless you and I love you."

May 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear Children of America, there is great joy in my heart to come among you, my dear children, on this anniversary of my appearances at Fatima. Seventy five years ago I came to Portugal requesting prayers and sacrifices in reparation for the sins of the world. Today I come with the same request.

"Little children, listen with your hearts. I plead with you. Shield your heart in mine. Please children, I ask you to make consecration to my Immaculate Heart and in this way I can protect you. As your loving mother, I desire each of you to receive the help that you seek from God as He wills. God favors the petitions of His little ones. Be humble before God and each other. Let the peace of God live in your hearts, in your families and in this land. I bless you. Desire the love and peace of God and live His love and peace. America, join hands with each other."

June 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, please forgive one another. When you fail to forgive, you fail in love. Your sins are many. Please children, you must stop offending God who is grievously offended. When you remain in serious sin, you risk loosing your soul. You allow Satan to guide you. Walk away from the darkness of sin. [Nancy said at this point that the Blessed Mother was radiant.] Come to the light of truth. Satan is deceiving you and you do not recognize him. The darkness over this land will grow darker and you will have more suffering unless you return to God. [Nancy saw a thick, very dark substance like blood come out of the Blessed Mother's eye.]

July 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear little child, darkness is over America and more darkness will come unless you return to my Son. Satan has infiltrated every aspect of your life. Recognize him and free yourself of him. [Nancy saw everything bursting in light. Edwin saw it as well.] Please listen to these words with your heart. Follow my Son, His way is life. This message is for everyone in every walk of life. Children, please heed these words. I bless you. At this time you may hold the articles you brought with you and I will bless them. Please tell my children I've received the petitions of your hearts and I've brought them to my Son. Please make the sign of the cross as I depart. (Nancy, you will not be able to see me at this time.) Remember to thank my Son.

August 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, each person is my precious little child. As your loving mother I love you with unconditional love. I come in the name of my Son, Jesus. Please little children, cooperate with God's plan of salvation. My Son shows you the way of salvation. Follow Him. Help me to help you. With God, together let us push the cloud of darkness away from this country. [A tear then rolled out of the her eye.] Begin where you are and pray. The time will come when God's mercy will change into God's justice and the greatest suffering will befall you. Do not delay in coming to my Son. This is an urgent plea for all mankind. I bless you. Please make the sign of the cross as I depart. At this time everything is being blessed. Remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

September 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, are you listening? Are you listening with your hearts? Many of you have started on a spiritual journey and many of you have stopped. Do not allow Satan to discourage you. Believe with your whole heart in my Son. Allow my Son to lead you. My children, pray and offer sacrifices for the souls of your sisters and brothers. Pray and offer sacrifices for peace. I implore you to walk away from the sins of the flesh. Stop murdering. There are grave consequences if you continue to ignore God and violate His laws. It is a great grace that God has permitted me to come. I love you and I desire each of you to be united to my Son. More disasters are coming." (She cried. Blood came out of her eye.)

"Please listen. Look at the way you are living. Look within yourself and examine your relationship with God and amend your life without delay. I bless you. As you make the Sign of the Cross I will depart. Remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

October 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, there is great joy in my heart to see you gathered in prayer. There is great sorrow in my heart for many of my children are lost. Many children do not pray and they have closed their ears to the messages of God. [Nancy saw a tear of blood coming down the side of her nose.] Pray children, pray. Prayer is vital. Seventy five years ago I came to three little shepherd children to deliver a message to all mankind and I have come today to deliver a message. Children, you must stop offending God. Begin with this anniversary day and make a commitment to spend time with God every day. [Nancy said Our Loving Mother is crying again.] Pray the Rosary every day. I ask that you make an act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart. In our hearts you will find a safe refuge.

"America, raise your voices in great thanksgiving to God for His mercy, for His love. I cannot restrain my Son's hand. Please help me to help you. Offer your daily sacrifices and prayers, please, in reparation for the sins of the world. Keep our messages alive in your hearts.

"Join your hands and your hearts with God and with each other. With your hands and hearts joined, please pray the Our Father. [With hands joined all the pilgrims prayed the Our Father.] Please, remember this prayer is given to you by my Son.

"I will bless you and I will bless everything you have brought with you. Please make the sign of the cross as I depart. From my Immaculate Heart I give rays of love. Always remember to thank my Son."

November 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, with tears I plead with you. Do not throw away the commandments of God. A nation apart from God will suffer more and will fall deeper into darkness. Please children, pray for your leaders and for this Country. You will be stripped of your pride and you will be purified. Children, I love you. Please pray and be united in God."

December 13, 1992

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear Children, COME! Come little children, give your heart to my Son. Adore, praise and thank Him for His endless love and mercy. God has given you many signs. You fail to recognize the hand of God in everything. God has not separated Himself from you. You have chosen to live apart from Him. When you follow false gods, you emit more darkness into the world. Our hearts are bleeding for you. With my Son, together let us push the darkness away. I have warned you about war and, again, I warn you about war. Pray and sacrifice for peace, please. I warned you about disasters. Again, I warn you about more disasters. Pray and sacrifice, please. I love you my dear little children. I desire to shield you in my Immaculate Heart. Reform your heart and let the love of my Son grow in each of your hearts." [Nancy said, "She is so radiant!"]

"Children, I will bless you now and everything you have brought with you and remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come." [Nancy said, "She smiled a little".]

"As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will bless you and everything you brought with you and I will depart."



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