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(Message # 378)
Before I Was Born, I Existed

"The Word has always existed. There is no beginning and no end; yet, I am the Beginning and the End."

Nancy looked at George and asked, "Is Jesus 1992 years old?"

Jesus answered, "Let My theologians figure it out.

"Before I was born, I existed. I am older than the longest day and I am younger than the briefest moment."

Nancy asked, "What is the shortest moment?" She then said real quickly, "Moment!"

"You can not make it shorter, can you?

"You are thinking about My incarnation. The Word always existed. Now think the shortest moment and you can not. When you tried it with your 'M' it is already too long." [Nancy was quickly thinking of just the letter 'M'.]

Nancy said, "I was trying to think of the shortest moment of time in my mind."

"I am outside of time, outside of space, and yet, I am in time and in space.

"Trying to figure Me out, aren't you? And you can not.

"Remember My teaching about a single blade of grass. I can bring down the proud." [This teaching can be found on page 102 in Volume I of "To Bear Witness That I AM the Living Son of God".]

"The Word has always existed. There is no beginning and no end; yet, I am the Beginning and the End."

Nancy said to George, who was writing the message as Nancy related the words, "Boy we better have some theologian review this message."

Jesus replied, "And I can not wait."

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Jesus words on Halloween

Message undated

One teaching that stands out clearly was on how 'Man has destroyed My feast days.' Up to that time I had always participated in Halloween just like every one else.

Jesus told me, 'Do not rejoice in the powers of darkness, rejoice in the light of the Lord.' My, oh my!" Nancy exclaimed, "just think what we have done to Easter with the Easter Bunny!"

448. Halloween (October 22, 1992)

As Nancy said, "I hate Halloween," the devil appeared.

Nancy said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me why you are here."

Satan replied, "When you speak of Halloween, I have a right to be here."



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