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(Message # 964)
The Vision of the Beggar

In a church in Indianapolis, Nancy saw a vision of a beggar running around outside a church. She later described the vision in this way:

"I had a vision. I was outside of this church, a big cathedral-sized church and I saw a hunch-backed beggar. He had tattered clothing, his back was all hunched and he was walking back and forth. The door to the church was closed. I got the sense that the beggar was trying to see what the people were doing inside of that church.

"The people came out from the Mass and everyone ignored the beggar. He was walking back and forth but no one stopped to talk to the beggar. It so struck me, in the vision, that the beggar wanted to know what was happening inside the church. I thought: 'Wait, these are all Christians, all Catholics, who have just received Jesus. They are living witnesses to the Real Presence of Christ, and they have just received Him.'

"We are called to bear witness; I am called to bear witness and so are you. But no one outside that church wanted to witness about Jesus, even though they had just partaken of Him in the Mass. Everyone ignored the beggar."

Then Nancy asked, "You know what later happened? I was visiting the city to give a talk and after the talk someone said to me in the auditorium: 'We saw the beggar; there really was a beggar outside the church. There was a man just as you described.'

"I then asked: 'Did you stop and talk to him?' The answer was, 'No.'

"You know, Our Lord is asking us to be a witness, a witness to the Good News. What is a witness? Is a witness not someone who is present, who tells what they see and what they hear? You are a witness. You are a witness right where you are, you have just received Jesus; go out and share the love of Jesus, go out and share, my sisters and brothers."

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Jesus words on Halloween

Message undated

One teaching that stands out clearly was on how 'Man has destroyed My feast days.' Up to that time I had always participated in Halloween just like every one else.

Jesus told me, 'Do not rejoice in the powers of darkness, rejoice in the light of the Lord.' My, oh my!" Nancy exclaimed, "just think what we have done to Easter with the Easter Bunny!"

448. Halloween (October 22, 1992)

As Nancy said, "I hate Halloween," the devil appeared.

Nancy said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me why you are here."

Satan replied, "When you speak of Halloween, I have a right to be here."



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