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(Message # 952)
Drink of This Cup... Share My Life within You

Before the Mass Nancy saw a very bright, white light over the crucifix. During the Mass at the Gospel, Nancy saw a separate, all white image of a man standing behind the podium. At the Consecration of the Mass, Nancy saw the chalice burst into a great white light and the Light remained over the chalice for a long time. Shortly afterwards Nancy saw a giant size, all black image of a beast-like man appear. This man was snatching away the chalice. Seeing this, Nancy became very upset.

Jesus then said, "The evil one does not want people to drink of the cup of salvation. He wants to take the cup of Life away from them.

"I ask everyone to drink of this cup. When you drink from this cup, you will not thirst. Drink of this cup and share My Life within you with others.

"Nancy, when you drink of this cup, you share in My life, death and resurrection."

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