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(Message # 864)
My Children Are Hungry but Some Still Do Not Eat

George, Nancy's friend and helper, then came into the apparition room and Jesus said through Nancy, "Welcome, George. My children are hungry. Do you think they will be fed?"

George said, "Yes, I believe they will."

Jesus then said, "I have much fruit on the table. My children are hungry but some still do not eat. My banquet is much greater than the one you had this evening.

"Eat My food and drink My blood. You will never hunger. You will never thirst. As I welcome you in this room, I welcome all My children. My food is real flesh; My drink is real blood. My table is full and complete and ready. Where are My invited guests? Many come and look and walk away. They walk away hungry. They refuse My food. They refuse My drink. Oh My wayward children. I long for you. Oh My wayward children, please come to Me. I have the food you need. I have the drink you need. You will never hunger. You will never thirst.

"With outstretched arms, with bleeding wounds, I am calling you. Come let us sit at the same table. Let us partake of the same food, of the same drink. Be united, little ones, be united. That is all."

Nancy said, "He is suffering. He is a suffering Jesus." Nancy then saw the Blessed Mother appear. Nancy continued, "Oh my, I don't know how we do this to Jesus [because He was suffering]."

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December 11, 2002
God loves us so much he wants you to be close to Him

God loves us so much he wants you to be close to Him.

Nancy was busy working in her kitchen and heard these words interiorly:

“Come before Me”.

God is always calling us and inviting us if only in our busy lives we would stop, listen to that silent audible voice of God within. The scriptures tell us “Be still and know that I Am.” What a message for this advent season.

In mystical white light on the cross these words broke into the silence of her heart.

“Say to my children:
Be prepared.
Be in a state of grace.
Do not fall into serious sin.
Stay close to Me.”

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