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They Test and They Test... There Is Too Little Faith

The Blessed Mother said, "My children, they test and they test and they test. Pray, my dear children, for the grace of greater faith."

Nancy saw a beautiful crown appear above the Blessed Mother's head.

"There is too little faith. There is too little faith. I ask that no more testing be done. I ask that my children come and pray." [There were some scientists in the apparition room conducting tests.]

The Blessed Mother spoke again about the scientific testing and said, "Testing is an interruption in your offering to God."

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December 11, 2002
God loves us so much he wants you to be close to Him

God loves us so much he wants you to be close to Him.

Nancy was busy working in her kitchen and heard these words interiorly:

“Come before Me”.

God is always calling us and inviting us if only in our busy lives we would stop, listen to that silent audible voice of God within. The scriptures tell us “Be still and know that I Am.” What a message for this advent season.

In mystical white light on the cross these words broke into the silence of her heart.

“Say to my children:
Be prepared.
Be in a state of grace.
Do not fall into serious sin.
Stay close to Me.”

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