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Let No Man Destroy what God Has Created

The Blessed Mother said, "Do you believe that God is the creator of life? Then tell others. Let no man destroy what God has created." [The Blessed Mother has repeatedly said that we should not destroy life that God has created.]

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December 26, 2004
You Will Face Great Trials and Many Souls Will Abandon Their Faith

A friend of Nancy opened volume 3 on February 7, 2005 for the first time in several months.  It happened that the friend opened to page 127 and there was a small piece of paper inside the margin of the page that said the words home school.  The friend wondered why they had written those words on the piece of paper that marked the page and the friend thought that was strange so the friend read the words that were marked by the slip of paper.  "Great suffering will befall mankind in this decade."  Then the friend looked to see the date of the message and it was December 26, 1994.  The friend suddenly realized that that was the exact date of the tsunami in 2004, exactly one decade later.
Then the friend went back a page to read the message that came before and the friend read, "Do not think that more earthquakes and great waves and volcanoes and loss of lives and property and health are not coming.  More and more tribulations are awaiting you if you do not return to me.  Children will you not see My love for you?  You are forcing My hand.  The cup overflows."

You Will Face Great Trials and Many Souls Will Abandon Their Faith (December 26, 1994)

Nancy and a friend were in the apparition room. The friend was the "member of a religious order" whom Dr. Sanchez had tested along with Nancy at his clinic in the Summer of 1993.

Nancy said, "How I miss you Blessed Mother." As Nancy said these words, the picture of the Blessed Mother in the apparition room began to glow more and more in mystical light. The friend also saw the mystical light, as the image of the Blessed Mother in the picture became lifelike.

Both Nancy and the friend described the Blessed Mother as beautiful. Nancy spoke to the Blessed Mother in a tone of awe, telling her how bright the mystical light was on her and all around her.

Then the Blessed Mother said to Nancy, "I am going to bathe you in light."

Nancy excitedly said to the friend, "Look at me and what do you see?"

The friend later described what he saw: "I saw her [Nancy] in this rectangular light. Her entire body was covered by this rectangular light so that everything around her was bathed in this light."

The Blessed Mother continued speaking to Nancy, "I am a sorrowful mother, my children have wandered far from my Son. They have gone away.

"My children, my dear sweet children have pushed me aside. Look at my heart. Look at my heart, it is pierced through and through.

"I am a sorrowful mother who loves her children. My faithful ones are few and, in the coming years, the numbers will grow smaller. Pray that you will always remain faithful to the one Triune God."

"Do not abandon The True Church Of Christ."

"Pray for my Pope." [Both Nancy and the friend saw a tear of mystical light come from the Blessed Mother's eye and stream down her cheek. She cried as she continued.] "Pray with great fervor for him. Please. He walks the Passion of my Son. Pray, little ones. Do not abandon the true Church of Christ.

"Great suffering will befall mankind in this decade. I am warning you of the greatest war that man will ever face unless you repent. Please hear these words. You are close to the time that I am speaking about.

"I am your Loving Mother. I am the sorrowful mother. I love you. I bless you.

"Remember to pray for the grace of faith every day. You will face great trials and many souls will abandon their faith. I have come to warn you of this so that you may not succumb to this treachery of Satan.

"Pray for my Pope; pray for all my priests.

"The division grows greater in the Church of Christ. Remember my Son has given you the Church and the Church is your lifeline to my Son. Partake of Him in the state of holiness and purity. Please.

"Thank you. I love you."

Nancy and the friend said that everything was in immense mystical light.

"Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart. Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

The friend did not hear the Blessed Mother's words but he did see the Blessed Mother. The friend said afterwards that there were images of many saints who came with the Blessed Mother. The saints were on both sides of the Blessed Mother; all of them were in very bright mystical light.



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