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(Message # 206)
My Way Is Perfect, Yours Is Not

Nancy and a friend were talking about their struggles with their own wills being in conflict with the Lord's will and how the Lord seems to really respect our free will. It seems as if He gently advises us as to His way but allowes us to experience the consequences if we chose to do differently so that we learn that His way is truly best.

Nancy recalled very clearly an incident that occurred back in the mid-1980s. Nancy was riding in her car and was near a church when Jesus said, "Please go to Mass." Nancy knew there was a 9 AM Mass at the church but she thought, "I can't go to this Mass, I'm not dressed properly. I have culottes and sandals on." Jesus said nothing more. Nancy had decided to go to the 5 PM Mass.

Later, when she arrived at the church for the 5 PM Mass, there were no cars in the parking lot and the church was locked. She waited about 15 to 20 minutes and still there were no cars and the church was still locked. Nancy went back to her car and said, "Jesus, why did You have me come out here? You knew there was no Mass. Why didn't You tell me?"

Jesus said, "My way is perfect, yours is not."

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October 13, 2006
On this October 13th the best way to honor Our Loving Mother is to go and spend time with Jesus.

On this October 13th the best way to honor Our Loving Mother is to go and spend time with Jesus.

For those who are able to go to your local Church please spend time with the Eucharistic Jesus who is in the Tabernacle.

Remember Our Lady always points the way to her Son.

(This inspiration from Nancy was accompanied by Mystical White Light).

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