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(Message # 808)
I Ask You to Be Reconciled with Your Parents

In the main apparition room, Nancy saw mystical light flash on the statues of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Loving Mother. She saw the Blessed Mother and many angels and saints appear and there was mystical light around the crucifix.

Jesus said, "I solemnly tell you, everyone who has a devotion to a saint, that saint is here, and many others are here too.

"They have lived a life of holiness hidden and they are in paradise with Me." Mystical light came down into the room.

Jesus continued, "As you recognize your natural mother, I want you to recognize My Mother, for I gave her to you." [Mother's Day was the following day.]

"For My young children, I ask you to be reconciled with your parents and with those who serve as your parents.

"I have come to ask you to be reconciled with each other. Please be at peace. Remove the unforgiveness, the hate, the revenge, the unforgetfulness in your hearts. Come to Me. I am the healer of all hearts.

"I am healing My children."

In a vision Nancy could see all the pilgrims outside the apparition room. She saw many hearts ascending and then white hearts, radiating with light, descending.

Jesus said, "My children are giving Me their hearts. I have returned their hearts, in light, in My love."

Nancy wondered why Jesus was looking upward from the crucifix.

Jesus said, "I am praying for all My children to My Father."

Mystical light, like lightning, kept coming into the apparition room as Nancy saw one saint after another appear.

Jesus said, "I am healing My children."

Later, Nancy asked Jesus, "Do You receive our prayers? Do you really receive all our prayers?"

Jesus replied affectionately, "I do! Before they are spoken from the lips I know them."

Nancy asked, "Which prayers are most pleasing to You?"

Jesus said, "The prayers that come from My children's hearts. I receive all prayers. The prayers from your heart go directly into My heart."

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October 08, 2003
New Vision

Ephesians 3:17
"May charity be the root and foundation of your life."

When Nancy and a friend were talking about how good they felt helping another friend/neighbor today, at that moment a mystical figure of a man in a white robe appeared. Immediately upon seeing such a vision of holiness, Nancy and her friend prayed the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be in thanksgiving for that special grace.

A friend and Nancy understood that doing an act of charity or just doing something good for another person is very pleasing to God.

It is our prayer that who ever reads this may find many opportunities to good throughout their day.



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