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(Message # 17)
Called to Live Differently

(March 19, 1991 12)
Nancy asked, "Are you taking away my mission?"

"No, I am teaching you," Jesus said. "When you take your eyes off Me, you lose graces. Look at all the people you know who do not keep their eyes on Me. Then you will know they have less graces.

"Staying close to Me and keeping your eyes on Me merits you the most graces. When I take you out of darkness and bring you into the light then you are called to live your life in Me, for Me and with Me."

"What about the people who are in darkness?" Nancy asked.

"I call but they often don't see or hear Me.

"The people who have near death experiences live their life differently because they were brought to the light.

"You came out of darkness and came into the light. So you are called to live your life differently.

"Anyone who has seen the light has been given graces to change their life. Now do you see why it is more offensive when someone has been brought to the light and then turns from Me? I will deal with them harshly.

"The priests, even the ones who have left the priesthood, all will stand before Me. The priests have been given tremendous graces for their ministry and when they turn from Me they offend Me greatly."

Nancy said, "He is suffering."

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September 11, 2007
12:37 am
Blessed Mother Cries

Nancy was about to go to sleep and mystical lights came into her room and the statue of Our Lady of Grace was also in Light.

Then this thought came to Nancy, "Blessed Mother cries when her children are suffering or are about to suffer more." Once she spoke these words to her friend Marco then all mystical experience ceased. Then Marco said to Nancy, it's 9-11.



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