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(Message # 828)
Pray, Pray, Pray

Jesus had been asking Nancy to pray more in the apparition room at her home. It was morning and Nancy was in the apparition room praying and reading Scripture with George when Jesus appeared.

Jesus said, "It is good to have you here."

Nancy was reading from Luke 1:68-79. As she read, "Through His holy prophets He has promised of old that He would save us from our enemies, from the hands of all who hate us."

Jesus then said, "That is My promise to you.

"I give you permission to put up the new crucifix. I will appear wherever My daughter is." [Recently, Nancy received a new and larger crucifix for the apparition room. Jesus usually appears to Nancy the same size as His image on the crucifix. With the new crucifix, Jesus would appear larger yet Nancy was attached to the old crucifix upon which Jesus first appeared to her.]

"Do not be afraid to come in here and pray." [Nancy had been afraid to go into the apparition room because Satan kept appearing and harassing her.]

"Now Nancy, of Satan I will allow you to refer to him as a jerk but of My children I will not." [Nancy had earlier called someone, who was giving her much grief, a jerk.]

"Isn't it great? I love you in spite of all your faults. My love is unconditional for all of mankind.

"Be at peace, dearest daughter. Pray, pray, pray. Thank you for praying to Me."

Nancy said, "But who else am I going to pray to!"

"When I say that, I am thanking you for desiring to talk to Me."

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September 11, 2007
12:37 am
Blessed Mother Cries

Nancy was about to go to sleep and mystical lights came into her room and the statue of Our Lady of Grace was also in Light.

Then this thought came to Nancy, "Blessed Mother cries when her children are suffering or are about to suffer more." Once she spoke these words to her friend Marco then all mystical experience ceased. Then Marco said to Nancy, it's 9-11.



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