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(Message # 336)
The Holy Trinity: The Greatest Mystery Of God

Jesus said, "My dearest daughter, now begin to write. The Holy Trinity of God is the greatest Mystery of God. No greater Mystery exists in all the universe. The Holy Trinity of God is the all perfect, all holy, undivided unity. It is undivided because I am love. Love is perfect, complete without divisions. My love is pure, unconditional, forever. My love is life, and My life is love. You do not divide the love of God. You do not divide the life of God. The Mystery of the Holy Trinity cannot ever be fully comprehended by anyone. It is forever a revelation of God to all the angels, saints, to all of creation. The Mystery of the Holy Trinity is in the core of God of which no one, no creature can ever fully comprehend.

"The greatness of God is beyond all creatures. Your life in Heaven is an ongoing revelation of God for eternity.

"Now do you understand how foolish man is to be prideful? It is a fool who tries to put himself above God. No one ever, for all eternity, will ever be above God. Everyone, everything is My created. I create out of nothing.

"Keep Holy Trinity Sunday solemn, reverent. Know that I am Almighty and I love each of you with an endless, pure love.

"Thank you for writing My words."

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September 09, 2007
11:30 pm
Blessed Mother Cries

Nancy saw white light around the Blessed Mother's picture. Then a mystical white stream of light flowed from her right eye down her check in the picture. At the same time to the left of the picture frame Nancy saw a person appear all in white but she did not recognize who this person is. This person seemed to be in a posture of prayer.

Internally Nancy felt that suffering was about to happen. Blessed Mother cries when her children are suffering or are about to suffer more.

Please pray to console our Lady and pray for our Country.



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