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(Message # 444)
If You Allow Yourself to Get Easily Distracted, Satan Will Get In

Nancy and friends, who help publish the messages that Nancy receives, were troubled as to how Satan can sometimes interject himself in the messages while Jesus or Our Loving Mother were speaking. They were reviewing a specific message that Nancy had received on January 5, 1992 that spoke of Satan as well as to more personal matters. The parts concerning Satan were tested and Jesus confirmed that these were truth. The more personal parts of the messages seemed contradictory and questionable. Nancy said, "Jesus, I don't know which message is true and which one is false. Please help me!"

Jesus replied, "Come to Me with a humble heart. Come to Me and test as My Mother and I have asked you to test [see footnote]. If you allow yourself to get easily distracted, Satan will get in. Precious daughter, I am here for you. Come to Me. How many times have I said to you, 'Why did you wait so long?' I hear you tell My pilgrim children, 'If you know Him, you will love Him'.

"Look at it this way, if you come to Me with half yourself distracted and half to Me, Satan can get in the half that is distracted. Satan wants you to be distracted. When you give Me your full attention, look at how much more confident you are. Look at it this way, dearest daughter, when you are close to Me, you are secure. When you are not, you are not secure."

"When you are close to Me, you are secure."

Nancy began to see other images of saints that were life-like and much larger in size than pictures.

"This is all happening because you keep your eyes on Me and I continually give you more and more."

Nancy and her two friends were reflecting on what Jesus had just said. The presence of Jesus was very evident. A friend said, "The more we are aware of His living presence, the more we are secure. The more we are conscious of His living presence, the more at peace we will be."

The other friend commented, "When we get distracted from Jesus, the more Satan can influence us. We should not let ourselves get distracted by our painful feelings, selfish desires and thoughts, and the rejections, negative comments and actions of others." Nancy then saw a sign from God and said that these comments should be recorded.

Note: Jesus and the Blessed Mother have asked Nancy to test the messages that she receives. Jesus told Nancy to test the visions by casting them out in His Name if they are not of God. Jesus also told her to sprinkle Holy Water at the visions. This will also cast away things that are not of God. Other tests that Nancy uses are to ask Jesus or the Blessed Mother to say "the Blessed Virgin Mary is greater than Satan," or to ask them to say, "I bow down to God the Father and worship Him with My whole heart, mind and being." [The Blessed Mother uses the word "soul" instead of "being."] When testing at the end of the message, Nancy will also ask "In the Name of Jesus, is all this message of God?" These are the tests in which Nancy has the most confidence. When Satan is trying to interfere with his deception, Nancy has found that he will not repeat the above statements in italics.

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September 5, 2004
Vision of Angels.

At 4:30 this afternoon Nancy saw a vision which seemed a great distance away. The vision appeared very small, miniature in size, and she could see in this vision one angel after another appearing. She knew they were angels because she was permitted to see their wings. It seems that the angels were looking from above downwards toward the earth. Each Angel appeared one after the other, moving their arms in motion, but she was not permitted to see if there was anything in their hands. It was as if each Angel had a specific task to do. Moments later Nancy experienced another series of visions that appeared rapidly one after another. She could not see clearly what was rapidly changing before her, until the last one. In this vision a large gold chalice appeared suspended in the air.



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