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(Message # 450)
For Something to Be Deception, It Has to Be both Truth and Lie

Nancy and George were talking about a situation at Conyers that was troubling Nancy. The situation concerned a person who loves Jesus very much but who recently was changing and behaving selfishly. Jesus had given the person a special gift but the person was being possessive with the gift. Nancy saw Satan appear half black and half white.

George said, "In the Name of Jesus, tell us why you are here."

Satan said to Nancy, "There is room for me in this [situation]."

Nancy saw Satan appear half white and half black approximately ten times.

"You know Satan is at work when you feel a disturbance even though you cannot identify him."

Jesus said, "Half white, half black is a sign I am showing you outwardly of Satan's deception. For something to be deception, it has to be both truth and lie. The master of deception is working hard in Conyers. The people are beginning to recognize that Conyers is different. It is different because I am appearing here with My Mother.

"Look at the sign I have given you. One side of the face is black and one side of the face is white. It is hard to distinguish the point they merge."

Nancy saw the black and white merge in the middle of Satan's face. She said, "It is hard to see where one begins and the other ends. One time one side of his face is black and the other side is white and, then, the black side turns white and the white side turns black. You know something is wrong."

"You know Satan is at work when you feel a disturbance even though you cannot identify him. Be on guard, children. To be a master of deception then, you have to come prowling around unnoticed. A theft is not discovered until you find something is missing. Then you begin to look for the thief and try to determine how something was taken.

"Be on guard. This means staying close to Me all the time. Only when you keep your eyes on Me, do you begin to see the deception around you."

Nancy asked George, her friend and helper, "How can you recognize him if your eyes are on Jesus?"

George said, "When you keep your eyes on Jesus, you know what He is like. You know how Jesus would speak, what He would want you to do. How He would think. [George later added: We can keep our eyes on Jesus and His way by the light of His words of Truth. His words are Spirit and Life. When these words are implanted and live in our heart they give us the Light to see the way of Jesus... the way He would speak, the way He would think and the way He would act.] When something different occurs, you know it is different from what Jesus would want you to do or say and you put yourself on guard. When you keep your eyes on Jesus and make decisions as He would want, it leads to peace. When you lose peace, you know that your eyes have drifted from Jesus and that you need to be on guard. Stop, rest, pray and focus back on Jesus until your peace returns."

Jesus then said through Nancy, "You are a good pupil. I will send you to the head of the class."

George replied, "I am learning the hard way."

"So is mankind.

"Look at the attacks against you; a little bit of truth and a lot of lie."

"Look at the attacks against you [Nancy]; a little bit of truth and a lot of lie.

"This Nation has elected a president who is deceived. When you do not stay close to Me, then you cannot discern truth from lie. The more you choose darkness, the less light you have and the more you wander and are confused. A leader who is in darkness will bring a nation into darkness."

Nancy saw much light and said, "I see a vision of a leader. As he

goes into more darkness, the darkness comes off of him and brings the nation more into darkness. At first I see a little darkness on the leader and it comes off him onto the nation. Then, as more and more darkness comes over him, more and more darkness comes off of him onto the nation."

Jesus said, "Your president is in trouble. It is like walking into a cave. You have a little light and you think you can find what you need. You continue until you are in complete darkness and are lost. Then you can not find your way out.

"A leader, a president who does not walk with Me brings a nation into the darkness of the cave."

Nancy said, "I am confused. Would you give me that teaching again and explain it to me?"

"Are you confused? Are you staying close to Me?"

"When you do not stay close to Me, then you cannot discern truth from lie."

Nancy said, "It is not easy being a visionary. I'm getting scared. I can't tell when the devil is interfering."

"Are you recognizing that you need My help? Then stay close to Me."

Nancy then saw the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing very close to Jesus on the cross.

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September 5, 2004
Vision of Angels.

At 4:30 this afternoon Nancy saw a vision which seemed a great distance away. The vision appeared very small, miniature in size, and she could see in this vision one angel after another appearing. She knew they were angels because she was permitted to see their wings. It seems that the angels were looking from above downwards toward the earth. Each Angel appeared one after the other, moving their arms in motion, but she was not permitted to see if there was anything in their hands. It was as if each Angel had a specific task to do. Moments later Nancy experienced another series of visions that appeared rapidly one after another. She could not see clearly what was rapidly changing before her, until the last one. In this vision a large gold chalice appeared suspended in the air.



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