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(Message # 273)
Satan Will Attack Anywhere There Is A Crack

Jesus said, "Satan will attack anywhere there is a crack. The statement you made about Satan using [name deleted] has some truth to this. When people are not loving, there is great pain and suffering, often times cruelty. I am a God of love. Love does not bring pain and cruelty.

"How often I'm accused, falsely accused, of inflicting cruelty upon My people. If they knew Me, then they would know that I am pure love. There are virtues to pure love: compassion, forgiveness, mercy, charity". Jesus stopped and said, "It brings tears to My eyes to look into your eyes at this moment because you are realizing, acknowledging My love for you. If people really knew of My love for them, there would not be a dry eye anywhere. Oh, precious daughter, thank you."

Later George asked Jesus, "Would you confirm it is you at the end of a vision and tell us everything is of you?"

Jesus said through Nancy, "I prefer that Nancy would ask Me each time because of the intensity of the attacks of the evil one."

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August 22, 2005
Power of Prayer

At around 1:38 AM a friend of Nancy was telling her that for the past two weeks he has been working on a security code for a software program. At that moment, Nancy said that she saw a man with a white robe appear on the ceiling that she believes was Jesus. This happened three times as they were speaking. Nancy's friend had chills during these moments that Nancy saw Jesus. The friend started to explain to Nancy that for the past two weeks he had been praying and speaking to Jesus in the silence of his heart for help in this matter.
At around 1:41 AM while Nancy and her friend started to pray the Our Father in thanksgiving, Nancy saw a white light in the image of Jesus robe.

Confirmation to the power of prayer. Jesus hears every prayer, spoken or not spoken. He does not miss a single prayer.

We invite the faithful to write and share your life experiences to the power of prayer in your lives at


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