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(Message # 107)
Encourage Your Children to Pray

(March 30, 1991 [Holy Saturday] 63)
Nancy said to her son, "John, the Blessed Mother is calling you." [The Blessed Mother says,] 'John, I am in sorrow. Please, please pray. Do you remember the prayer I requested?'"

Nancy said to John, "Do you remember which ones?"

John answered, "The Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be."

Our Loving Mother said, "Parents, please encourage your children to pray. Parents today are more concerned about their children excelling in worldly matters. They are concerned about getting them to this appointment or that appointment on time. Is there any appointment greater than being with my Son? Oh, how few appointments are kept with my Son. If you are worldly parents then your children will be worldly. If you are holy parents, your children will be holy. If you love your children, your children will love." Nancy saw a vision of a wall hanging in her son James' room which had a poem on it titled "Children Learn What They Live."

"We ask all our children to imitate us, as children imitate their parents on earth. All parents, you are taking your responsibilities too lightly. My Son will hold you accountable. Be responsible about their spiritual, physical, emotional growth. The greatest of the three is spiritual because it is forever."

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August 22, 2005
Power of Prayer

At around 1:38 AM a friend of Nancy was telling her that for the past two weeks he has been working on a security code for a software program. At that moment, Nancy said that she saw a man with a white robe appear on the ceiling that she believes was Jesus. This happened three times as they were speaking. Nancy's friend had chills during these moments that Nancy saw Jesus. The friend started to explain to Nancy that for the past two weeks he had been praying and speaking to Jesus in the silence of his heart for help in this matter.
At around 1:41 AM while Nancy and her friend started to pray the Our Father in thanksgiving, Nancy saw a white light in the image of Jesus robe.

Confirmation to the power of prayer. Jesus hears every prayer, spoken or not spoken. He does not miss a single prayer.

We invite the faithful to write and share your life experiences to the power of prayer in your lives at


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