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(Message # 3)
God is Pouring Forth His Graces

Nancy said, "Blessed Mother, I don't deserve these Heavenly favors."

The Blessed Mother, Our Loving Mother, said, "You don't deserve and are not worthy of these Heavenly favors."

In a firm but gentle voice, Our Loving Mother said, "You Are my Son's Mercy." Nancy asked her to repeat this. Our Loving Mother repeated, "You are my Son's Mercy."...

Later, Our Loving Mother asked, "Will you accept the gifts with the cross?" Nancy did not answer immediately. There was a pause. Our Loving Mother said, "I am waiting."

Nancy said, "I will accept, I will accept."...

Later Our Loving Mother said, "It is very important that souls come back to my Son. Please do not block my Son's graces."

Nancy saw the image of Our Loving Mother change and, then, saw the face of Jesus.

Jesus appeared and said in a serious tone, "You will give an account for lost souls." A bright white light appeared. A white light appeared again when Nancy was rereading this. This light usually appears to indicate the truth of something being said or read to place emphasis.

Our Loving Mother said, "I am appearing in many places. It is because God is pouring forth His graces. Remember, the day when you least deserved it, my Son came to you."

Nancy said, "Please tell me about the Miraculous Medal. What am I to do?"

Our Loving Mother said, "Give them from the altar, from the site in the yard. You have heard correctly. More graces go with the medals."

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July 2004
Vision of Southern Coast Line

Early July 2004 Nancy was shown a vision of Southern coast line of United States extending from part of Texas to part of the Pan Handle. She observed that the coast line seemed changed.



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