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(Message # 661)
Come to My Mother Often. She Is Your Refuge

(January 7, 1996 - Feast of the Epiphany)

Nancy was visiting the home of her friend who was to soon enter the convent. Nancy, the friend, a seminarian and George began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. As they prayed Nancy saw an angel appear and the crucifix glowed in light. Nancy was inspired by the Holy Spirit to ask her friend to take the statue of Our Loving Mother and kneel down in front of Jesus and the crucifix.

Jesus said through Nancy, "[The friend's first name], the statue is hereby blessed by Me. Come to My Mother often. She is your refuge. She is your Mother. Know that I, Jesus, solemnly bless this statue for you, My daughter."

Nancy said to the friend, "The statue is in light. You are in light. Everything is in light."

The seminarian said, "I see too. The cross of light rested on the statue as it came down from the crucifix."

Jesus said, "You can begin to pray."

Nancy saw mystical light come down from the crucifix onto the statue of Our Loving Mother and onto her friend. Then the intensity of the mystical light increased. Nancy said, "I feel that we have watched God give a grace."

The seminarian added, "Nancy, you are glowing in light as you say that."

Jesus said, "Do you doubt now?" [Jesus was referring to Nancy's concern about her friend's vocation to become a nun. Nancy had felt unsure that her friend was doing the right thing in giving up so much to enter the convent.]

Nancy said, "What a gift Jesus gave to her."

George said, "Look at what she is giving up." [The woman was leaving a very highly paid job and successful business career in mid-life to follow a calling to be a nun.]

Nancy then saw Jesus appear again. [Jesus has told Nancy to pay special attention to what is happening or being said when He appears.]

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