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(Message # 343)
I Am Not Pleased with What My Children Are Doing to Me

In the evening Jesus said, "My children are coming. My children are coming. I am calling them. I will give more signs in the heavens. I am not pleased with what My children are doing to Me. I am the one who chooses, not them. Dearest daughter, you are chosen by God. I am the Son of God.

"I am not pleased with My children, the ones that think they know more than I. I alone am God. I alone am almighty. I alone am all knowing. I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. As the Spirit is in My Father, the Spirit is in Me."

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April 21 2007
When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you.

When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you. Jesus, Mary, Angels, Saints and call them by name. Nancy has had many accounts recently that support this truth.

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