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(Message # 333)
The Holy Spirit Is A Real Person Just Like I Am

Jesus asked [speaking through Nancy] that George write a letter to a very important person summarizing the November 15, 1990 message [Volume I, message #159]. Nancy and George were concerned and did not want to go before the Holy Spirit because Jesus kept saying, "Don't go before the Holy Spirit". (Meaning let the Holy Spirit lead) Nancy prayed and asked Jesus if the letter George wrote was as He had wanted.
Jesus said, "I have spoken. Did you not hear My words? As I have spoken, I will say no more. George knows. George knows.

"The Holy Spirit is a real person just like I am. Trust the Holy Spirit as you trust Me. I am imparting My wisdom of the Holy Trinity of God. To think less of the Holy Spirit is to think less of Me. I have told you that George has received special graces and the Holy Spirit guides him. Children, if you do not believe this, then you stand accused before Me."

"He is suffering," Nancy said.

"Then I say to you, you do not believe in the Holy Trinity of God. The entire world is in great darkness about this. Inspirations that come from the Holy Spirit of God are thrown away, discarded like trash in the gutter. I maintain a very firm stand on this. Listen to My words. Do not deny the Holy Spirit of God. If you do, I will deny you. Need I say more?

"George, you have been given directions already. Let Me pose this question to you. Do you use Nancy's gift to come to Me directly in place of the Holy Spirit? If you answer no, then I say to you why have you not sought the Holy Spirit? Nancy has direct communication with Me. Let Me tell you who I am. I am Jesus, I bow down to God, My Father. My whole life glorifies God the Father. I am truth, I am wisdom, I am love. I am the Eternal God. To treat the Holy Spirit less is to treat God less. Nancy has been given the rarest of gifts. I choose to show the world My love and mercy to a weak, simple, sinful soul. Thank you for writing My words.

"Now, George, please, you have great responsibility. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you and you will be guided. To not believe this is not to believe in Me, in God, I will say no more." (George was depending on Nancy to ask Jesus questions for him rather than him praying directly and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance with trust and faith.)

Nancy said Jesus was sad and that He was suffering. Then the light was gone.

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When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you.

When you begin to pray invite heaven to be there with you. Jesus, Mary, Angels, Saints and call them by name. Nancy has had many accounts recently that support this truth.

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