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(Message # 536)
My Hand Is About to Strike

The Blessed Mother asked Nancy to announce her presence and her words: "Children, when you pray, know that my Son and I are with you."

The Blessed Mother then said, "Please continue to pray and give your hearts to God.

"My Son's hand will strike the earth. My children must stop offending God. My Son's hand will strike again and again unless you help me."

Later the Blessed Mother said, "The sun will dance and Rosaries will turn to a golden color and golden glitter will fall from Heaven."

Nancy said that the Blessed Mother was crying and blood was coming from her left eye. Nancy said, "Please don't cry". Nancy then started to cry herself and said the Blessed Mother gently reproached her for not speaking the day before about an October 9, 1992 vision of Our Lady of Fatima and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, coming down from His throne onto a hand and a hammer. In the vision Jesus said, "My hand is about to strike and strike it will." Nancy was afraid to speak of this vision and of what Jesus had said.

Nancy again said the Blessed Mother was crying blood as she was speaking and a beautiful radiant crown appeared on her head.

"I have received the petitions and I have carried them to my Son.

"Children are receiving healings from God.

"I am a sorrowful mother and a joyful mother." Nancy said the Blessed Mother cried.

Nancy had seen Padre Pio appear several times earlier in the apparition. She now saw a nun and asked in the Name of Jesus who the nun was. The Blessed Mother responded, "St. Catherine of Sienna. She was a great teacher. You are to be a teacher. Speak about our messages."

After the apparition, Nancy recalled that the Blessed Mother also said, "My words will be few now. The people are not listening."

Note: The Blessed Mother has given noticeably fewer messages to Nancy since October 13, 1992 although she continues to appear and give messages on the 13th of each month. During the Spring of 1993, Nancy experienced many silent apparitions of the Blessed Mother. She appeared many times, but often she did not speak.

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Nancy continues to receive many visions at the Mass.

Nancy continues to receive many visions at the Mass. Nancy encourages everyone to get to Mass as frequently as possible and to receive Jesus in a state of Grace.

During a recent vision in a home Nancy understood that many graces await those who visit him before His Tabernacle. There are many graces that awaits you when you visit Jesus and pray to Him at the Tabernacle.

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