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(Message # 558)
There Is Universal Rejection of God

The Blessed Mother told Nancy, "My children are going to suffer more because they have not returned to God. There is universal rejection of God all over the world."

Three times Nancy saw a dark substance, that looked like blood, come down the Blessed Mother's face.

"Please love God more. Please." The Blessed Mother said this with a pleading tone.

"Do you pray from your heart or from your lips?

"Where are My sick children?"

The Blessed Mother did not look pleased. She kept closing her eyes and looking downward. She looked sad.

"My words are few. My children, you are not listening."

Blood streamed down the Blessed Mother's face.

"My children who are here are consoling my heart."

The Blessed Mother burst in bright light.

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58505/28/1994The Vision of the Trumpet At the Saturday vigil Mass, during the reading of the second part of the responsorial psalm, Nancy saw an angel appear, holding a trumpet to his mouth. Nancy did not hear any sound from the trumpet.

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