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(Message # 348)
I Will Do This

In church and before Mass, Nancy saw a huge, all white chalice appear to the left of the tabernacle. White light came over the statue of Jesus. Jesus said, "I will bring you before the people of the world. Because of your littleness, I will do this."
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(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)
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Message #DateSubjectMessage
43103/27/1993Live in Me and Live Forever. Live in Satan and You Die

"Follow Me and have everlasting Life. Follow the ways of the world, then you shall die."

Nancy saw a vision of the circular image of the Host and it is turning around and around.

Jesus said, "I am without beginning and without end. Man has a beginning and man has an end to his natural life. It is only My Life within you that lasts forever. Come, children, follow Me and have everlasting Life. If you follow the ways of the world, then you shall die. Live in Me and live forever. Live in Satan and you die."
48703/27/1993You Can Not Abolish Me

"What man destroys in the womb, I will make pure in Light."

Nancy asked about another vision the previous day. She saw a vision of a city skyline and then she saw a child holding a sack. The sack was grey and, looked like a womb, it contained a baby. Nancy thought the baby may have been dead. Nancy then saw the city skyline again.

Jesus commented on the vision, "What man destroys in the womb, I will make pure in Light.

"No man can destroy the Holy Spirit of God. You cannot abolish My Spirit because you cannot abolish Me. I am the Creator and you are My creatures."

76303/27/1993Be Little. Be Like a Child Nancy saw a vision of many children coming before the Eucharist.

Jesus said, "Let My children come unto Me little, loving, humble, forgiving. Be little. Be like a child. A child is humble in a childlike way. Be little, be small."

Nancy saw a vision of an oversized heart outside the chest of a child.

"When you grow with Me, it is your heart that will grow."

Nancy looked up from the Eucharist to the crucifix and said, "I didn't know where to look."

Jesus replied, "I am everywhere."

Nancy saw the light over the crucifix and Jesus came alive on the crucifix and looked at Nancy and said, "You cannot figure Me out. It is prideful to even try."
76403/27/1993The Child Is Little and Humble Nancy asked Jesus about the meaning of another vision that she had the previous day. In that vision Nancy first saw angels appear along a wall and on the ceiling. She then saw an infant all in light at the top of a series of steps. The infant's arms were extended and he was holding something flat in his hands.

Nancy wondered if the infant was the Baby Jesus. At the time Nancy saw this vision, she was talking with friends about the Eucharistic miracle that had occurred in Venezuela.

In the Eucharistic miracle, blood appeared within the Host as the celebrant priest broke the consecrated Host during a Mass. The Host with the blood is visible for all to see in a convent chapel in Venezuela.

Jesus replied and explained the vision, "The little child is Me."

"The child is little and humble.
The child has not yet learned all the ways to be prideful."

"I am handing My children..., I am giving you My precious gift... I am giving Myself. Receive My Life."

Nancy asked, "Why did You appear as a child to hand us the Eucharist."

"The child is little and humble. The child has not yet learned all the ways to be prideful. It is a pure living state. If only My children would be children and come unto Me."

79703/27/1993Prepare Your Hearts. Be Reconciled with God and with Each Other

"I ask each of you and your friends to make consecrations to the heart of my Son and my heart."

The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children, my Son has sent me to you. I am Blessed Virgin Mary. I am the loving Mother of God and your Loving Mother. I ask each of you and your friends to make consecrations to the heart of my Son and my heart.

"You have come with many needs. My Son desires to heal you but the healing that is most important is the healing of your soul. I ask you to open your hearts to the will of God. My Son desires to rest His head in each of your hearts.

"My dear little children, it is very important that you prepare your hearts. Be reconciled with God and with each other. The Peace of God will reign in your hearts when you have united your hearts to my Son.

"As you pray the Rosary, I will pray with you. Nancy, you will not be able to see me after I bless you.

"I ask all of you, my dear little ones, for your prayers and sacrifices for many souls need to come back to God. I will bless you now and everything you have brought with you as you make the Sign of the Cross."

Nancy could no longer see the Blessed Mother but the light remained around the statue.
87803/27/1993They Tarnish My Eucharist Nancy was in a chapel in Venezuela preparing for Mass. Nancy has said that preparing oneself for Mass is important. In this chapel she was present for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She saw a vision of a Host-like image. The outside of the image was like white fire and inside the Host was grey. The image of the Host ascended upward through a dove, and the Host split in half. The Host continued to rise and a cross appeared in the middle of the Host. Then the Host became all white with a white cross and a white flame in the middle.

"My children do not believe in Me in the Eucharist."

Nancy asked Jesus about the meaning of the vision.

Jesus said, "My children do not believe in Me in the Eucharist. They tarnish My Eucharist. The Eucharist will rise up through the Holy Spirit and the cross and will prevail.

"Remember, I told you the cross is life. The cross is light. You will rise with the cross. You will be resurrected.

"My dearest daughter, I love you." [A beautiful white dove appeared.]

87903/27/1993Visions before the Blessed Sacrament and at Mass Later Nancy left the chapel and went to the main church for Mass. As she knelt down to pray, the Blessed Mother appeared in white like her image on the miraculous medal. The Blessed Mother appeared over the words "Faustian de la Communion".

Nancy saw white light around the large crucifix in the church over the altar. A giant chalice then appeared behind the crucifix. The chalice was grey and was tipped slightly as if its contents was to be poured. A cross of white light came off the large crucifix and down behind the priest. The priest glowed in light.

Nancy noticed the statue of Saint Joseph with the Baby Jesus in his arms. She said that the Baby Jesus in Saint Joseph's arms looked like the same child she saw the vision of the child holding the Eucharist.

Nancy smelled roses at the Mass. She also saw the altar boy burst in light just like the priest did earlier. Jesus merged with the priest and he became aglow with light.

The Gospel was from John Chapter 11 and was about Lazarus. Nancy smelled roses many times throughout the Gospel. In her journal Nancy wrote these words from John 11:25, "I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will have Life everlasting."

Later, as the priest said, "Many people [i.e., babies] die because of abortion", Jesus appeared behind the priest. [Jesus has told Nancy to note what is being said when He appears.]

As the priest raised the chalice at the Consecration, Light came off the chalice.

Nancy has said many times that "The Mass is alive". Jesus has told Nancy that the Mass is the source of His greatest graces. Nancy has also said many times that "If you want to be present for an apparition, come to Mass."

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