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(Message # 767)
Is Your Faith Weak ... ?

Nancy was praying in a quiet room adjacent to the apparition room at the Farm. Jesus appeared and said, "My children, come with an open heart and pray and watch what I will do.

"I will test My children's faith today."

"I will test My children's faith today. Will you give Me your heart before My Mother becomes visible to My daughter Nancy?

"I ask you: Is your faith weak that you must first hear about Her presence? Please reflect upon My words.

"I am Jesus. I am the Resurrection. Come to Me, little children, and receive your life anew."

Nancy got the impression that Jesus was preparing us for the days when Our Loving Mother would no longer appear. Nancy wondered if we will all have faith enough to believe that the Blessed Mother will be still very much with us.

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(Message # 338) 10/13/1992
There Is Great Joy, There Is Great Sorrow

The Blessed Mother said, "Dear children of America, there is great joy in My Heart when you gather in prayer. There is great sorrow in My heart for many of My children who are lost."

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