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(Message # 977)
In Each of Your Passions You Will Be Able to Glorify God

Nancy was at the Friday night cenacle in the apparition room at the Farm. Nancy saw mystical light appear on the crucifix and the image of Jesus became lifelike, superimposed on the crucifix.

Jesus said, "Please, My dear children, in My merciful love I plead with you. Persevere in your prayers.

"Do not abandon your way of the cross. In each of your passions you will be able to glorify God.

"It is not by man's light that the world will grow brighter
but it is by God's light."

"When you give glory to God, My light will flood your soul. Many souls will illuminate the world of darkness. It is not by man's light that the world will grow brighter but it is by God's light."

The crucifix was in bright mystical light. Angels were facing the crucifix.

"My light will bring you to all truth. I love you and I bless you."

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(Message # 647) 1/21/1993
I Love You, My Dear Children

While traveling, Nancy was a guest at a private home. Nancy was with her hosts as the Blessed Mother appeared and said, "I love you, my dear children."

Through Nancy, the Blessed Mother said to the host family, "Thank you for helping my daughter. My daughter has found rest here. My Son has found rest here."

Nancy had asked Jesus earlier for help in losing weight.

The Blessed Mother said, "You have asked my Son for help with your weight. My Son has helped you see the necessity of losing weight. You must lose weight.

"It is a grace that my Son has brought you here. Follow this very nutritious diet to the very best of your ability." [Nancy became ill during the trip and, with the assistance of the host family, received a doctor's help that included a low cholesterol diet.]

The Blessed Mother added, "Do accept the help that [the father of the host family] has given you. It is humility to do so.

"Thank you for responding to my call."

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