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(Message # 786)
You Must Be Cleansed

Nancy saw a vision of a wave coming from one direction.

The Blessed Mother said, "Water will wash on to the land."

Nancy asked if the water will come from the ocean.

"You must be cleansed. Please children, amend your lives. Please."

Again Nancy saw a dark substance come down the Blessed Mother's face.

"My children do not know God. If they knew Him, they would keep His commandments. If they knew Him, they would follow in His footsteps."

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(Message # 437) 7/13/1993
You Are Bringing This Suffering upon Yourselves

The Blessed Mother was very sad and Jesus momentarily appeared.

The Blessed Mother said, "My Son comforts me. He is with me.

"Children, you do not know how close you are to a very great, great suffering. You are bringing this suffering upon yourselves.

"I am the Mother of God and your Loving Mother and my Son has sent me to help you."

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