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(Message # 720)
With a Mother's Pleading, I Say to You: Please... You Must Stop Offending God... Live for God

(October 13, 1995 - Anniversary Message)

In brilliant mystical light, the Blessed Mother was holding the Baby Jesus. The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children, in great love and joy I greet you. As your Loving Mother, I invite you, my dear little ones, to draw closer to God.

"I say to you, [she paused] come closer to God. Only with the help of God, can you resist the many temptations that come upon you each day.

"My dear children, as your Heavenly Mother, I intercede for you unceasingly before the throne of God." [A tear came from her eye.]

"I desire every soul to be united with God forever.

"With a mother's pleading, I say to you: Please, my dear children, you must stop offending God.

"You do not know what awaits you. Pray, pray, pray, my little ones. Amend your ways and live for God.

"Live the Gospel message. Through the Gospel message, God has called each one of you.

"Love. [She paused] Help each other. I say to all of you, my dear little children, be united under God. Be bearers of His truth [she paused again] and love.

"I love you, my dear little children.

"Please listen and return to God.

"Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart and remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."

The Blessed Mother then explained to Nancy that her hands will be outstretched over the pilgrims, showering them with graces as she departs.

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Our Loving Mother asked:
"Let this prayer be echoed all over the world."
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Prière de L'Ange de la Paix de Fatima

"Très Sainte Trinité - Dieu le Père, le Fils, et le Saint Esprit - je vous adore profondément. Je vous offre le précieux corps, le sang, l'âme et l'esprit de Jésus Christ, présent dans tous les tabernacles du monde, en réparation des outrages, des sacrilèges et de l'indifférence qui l'ont offensé. Et par les vertus infinies de son coeur sacré et du coeur immaculé de Marie, je vous supplie de convertir les pauvres pêcheurs."

Á Conyers, Georgia, La Bienheureuse Vierge Marie, Notre Mere Affectueuse, demanda:

Que cette prière puisse résonner
dans le monde entier."

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