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(Message # 340)
George, She Is My Little Girl

Nancy said to Jesus, "You are my best friend."

Jesus replied, "Let us keep it that way. Keep your eyes on Me."

Jesus said to George through Nancy, "George, she is My little girl."

Nancy said, "I love You. You are my Father. I like being in Heaven." [Nancy was referring to her recent experience of being taken to Heaven by Jesus.] "I did pretty good. I don't like heights but I looked down [towards the earth]."

"Do you like what you see? I look into your eyes and I see My little girl's soul. Stay childlike, dearest daughter."

Nancy said, "Oh, I love You so much I wish I could give You the biggest hug."

"Just like James does. When James hugs that doll, he is hugging Me." [James, Nancy's young son, has a stuffed doll of Jesus. He sleeps with the doll and hugs it all the time.]

"You are going to be traveling. I want you to give each nation My hug.

"Do not criticize My servants. You do not like to be criticized; so do not criticize others because, if you do, you are doing it to Me." [Nancy had been critical earlier of a weakness she thought she saw in someone else working for Jesus.]

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Official Notice
September 30, 2003

Nancy and her website, Our Loving Mother, is not connected with Our Loving Mother’s Children (OLMC)/ the Farm or any other Conyers website.

Nancy Fowler and her supporters do not endorse using her visions of Our Loving Mother, or Our Loving Mother’s name, image or messages or the solicitation of money under Our Loving Mother’s name for any purpose. No other messages or visions of Nancy may be used for any purpose.

Nancy is a Roman Catholic.

The visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary ended on October 13, 1998.

Presently Nancy continues to share her mystical gifts for the glory and honor of God.

Nancy’s only official website is

October 15
, 2004

Since many people are asking (to eliminate any misunderstanding), Nancy is not connected with nor is she endorsing the fund raising that is currently taking place for the building of a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Conyers Georgia.

October 10
, 2004

Please be advised that Nancy never had a trial by jury over her lawsuit that sought to restore the apparition site, which was purchased with pilgrims' donations, to be used for the purpose of spreading the messages given to her by Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Judge Sidney Nation of Rockdale County Superior Court dismissed the suit Nancy filed against Our Loving Mother's Children, Inc., Robert Hughes, Bernice Hughes, Mike O'Connor and Jack Sweeney. Nancy was forced to file bankruptcy after Our Loving Mother's Children, Inc. obtained a court order requiring Nancy to pay approximately $69,000.00 for the costs of an audit of Our Loving Mother's Children, Inc. funds that had been ordered by the court.


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