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(Message # 399)
My Will Is the Only Door to True and Lasting Peace

Nancy gave her host in Bolivia a statue of Our Loving Mother. During a Mass at his home, Nancy saw the Risen Christ appear behind the Host as he said, "This moment the Lord and His Mother are giving special blessings."

Nancy then saw light bursting from the chalice as Jesus said, "I will bless the places where My Mother travels."

"Every talk you give in My Name, I stand with you."

"Everyone fails because they fail to go to the only source of peace, to the great Peacemaker."

In the afternoon, Jesus said, "Many people look for peace in the security of their homes, in relationships, in work, in pleasure, in education. Many people try to explain what peace is by the intellect. Everyone fails because they fail to go to the only source of peace, to the great Peacemaker."

Later Nancy was preparing for her talk on the subject of peace. She was reading pages 313 to 319 in a small book, "My Daily Bread" [see Bibliography]. These pages included Chapters titled: Peace of Soul, Lasting Interior Peace and Obstacles to Peace of Soul. [Jesus has said to Nancy, "This is highly recommended reading for My children. I recommend this book. How can I not recommend it when My words are in the book?"]

As Nancy was reading the words "My Will is the only door to true and lasting peace" on page 315 in My Daily Bread, she said, "This is important."

Jesus then said, "Underline it."

Later Nancy asked Jesus for more help in preparing her talk on peace.

Jesus responded, "You are to begin your talks speaking about unforgiveness."

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January10, 2006
Trust Him and walk by faith more

January 10, 2006

Nancy was speaking to a friend and she said, I believe that God has something for me to learn from what is happening in my life. God holds my future. I need to trust Him more and walk by faith.

Nancy was thinking about faults of human nature. She realized that it is a friend who will point out your faults in honesty and kindness. It is better to correct your faults in this lifetime. We need to take one day at a time and stop panicking.

January 29, 2006
about 12:09 AM

While the same friend was speaking with Nancy she asked him if he had written the teaching from January 10 2006. He said to her that he has been thinking about it. As he said that Nancy saw mystical white light. The friend had a questions regarding the teaching that only God knew about (for those thoughts were not spoken out loud but only in the silence of his heart to Jesus) and this was a confirmation from Jesus to his heart.


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