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(Message # 866)
The World Does Not Recognize My Goodness

During Mass Nancy heard Jesus say several times, "Nancy, I love you."

At the Consecration of the Mass, Nancy saw about ten angels appear and move towards the altar. Just before the Communion of the Mass, Jesus said, "The world does not recognize My goodness.

"My dearest daughter, please be at peace. I am the One Who is speaking to you."

Nancy then saw the letters "IHS" burst into white light. She asked Jesus what it meant and Jesus replied, "Do you not recognize My Name?" When Nancy returned home she checked a Catholic encyclopedia and found that IHS formed a monogram of His Holy Name. The initials IHS are from the Greek title for Jesus which is interpreted "Jesus Hominum Salvator".

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Statement from owners to whom it may concern.
October 13
, 2004

We will no longer invite people to pray on Holy Hill and the Holy Well will be closed in order to avoid further confusion that continues to exist in Conyers, Georgia. Holy Hill and the Holy Well are on private property and we, the private homeowners, ask that you will respect our decision made as a result of spiritual direction.

Rich and Cindy Pfundstein
2900 Highway 138 NE
Conyers, Georgia 30013


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