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(Message # 729)
My Children Are Failing to Recognize Their Sins. My Children Are Not Calling Sin, Sin

Jesus said, "My children are not listening."

Outlines of the continents appeared on the wall behind the crucifix. The wall was now scarlet red in color. The Blessed Mother appeared with her hands folded in prayer.

Jesus repeated, "My children are not listening."

The wall again turned a scarlet red color. Nancy understood this meant suffering. She also saw a huge wave of water.

Jesus continued speaking, "My children are failing to recognize their sins. My children are not calling sin, sin.

"Ask Me for the grace to know your sins. My children, your sins are numerous before God. [There was a long pause] Ask and you will receive.

"Ask for the grace to know your sins of darkness in your life; then, have a true contrition for them. Ask Me for the grace that you will not desire to repeat the same sins. Ask and you will receive.

"With all your heart, desire to come closer to Me. Only in this way will you begin to live the gospel I proclaimed."

At this point Nancy saw a vision of a person leaning against and merging into the chest of Jesus.

Jesus said, "Be united with Me in each and every Communion."

Many saints, one after another, continued to appear.

"My children are looking everywhere for Me but they cannot find Me because they are not looking in the right places.

"They look and do not see. They speak and they do not hear.

"My Kingdom is not of this world. You look for the gods of this world and you think you are looking for Me."

At this moment George, who was writing this message for Nancy, dropped his pen. He reached down and picked it up.

Jesus said through Nancy, "You dropped your pen. You looked for it and you found it. You found what you were seeking.

"My children look everywhere for Me. They look for a king, a king of this world. They look but they do not find Me.

"Look beyond your senses. Look not with your intellect.

"Look not with your intellect but in the depths of your heart. See Me and walk with Me in the depths of your heart."

New Reading


August 15, 2009
Feast of the Assumption

Many of Nancy's mystical experiences occur within the context of the Mass.  Although God is present everywhere, the Mass is the moment in time when she is most in touch with the Divine.  Again, it is the peak of our prayer-life. 

This day was the Feast of the Assumption, a solemnity in the Catholic Church.  On this day, the Church contemplates the Virgin Mary being taken up to heaven by the power of God in both body and soul.  In her, the Church foresees what will happen to us at the end of time when Jesus will return a second time to judge both the living and the dead.  We shall rise from the dead and if we have been faithful to the end, we shall, like our Lady, share fully in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

During today's Mass, as we were saying the "Gloria"...Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on earth..." and when we reached the words that refer to Jesus as "You alone are the Holy One, You alone are the Lord; You alone are the Most High Jesus Christ..." at that very moment, Jesus manifested himself to Nancy all in dazzling white with a cross of white light shining in front of Him.  

Then, during the first reading, Nancy could see angels in attendance, taking an adoring stance as they listened to the Word being read.  When she heard the words that Mt. Zion was chosen by the Lord, a cross of white shone up above suspended in the air. But, why Mt. Zion?  What is the significance of this mount?

We know from the bible (2 Samuel 5:7) that after King David seized the fortress of Mt. Zion, it became known as the "City of David" (1 Kings 8:1).  When his son, Solomon, became king, Zion became synonymous with the city of Jerusalem and the people of God.  By New Testament times, its meaning expanded to mean the Kingdom of God and the Holy Edifice of which Jesus is the cornerstone (1 Peter 2:6).  Mt Zion is also the exact location where Jesus celebrated the last supper and instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist and Priesthood.  Plus, in that same area of Mt. Zion around the building of the last supper, were many houses that belonged to the early Christians among whom was Mary, the Mother of the Christ.

Later on at the Mass, Jesus spoke to Nancy and gave her a private message regarding her terminal illness.  A light was present at the Mass.  Two lights flashed.before her and.a cross of white light shone, reminding her that through the cross Jesus saved and redeemed the world.

Nancy asked, "Are these words for me?"

Jesus answered, "They are indeed for you."

A beautiful Catholic Family was present at the Mass with their children; they were into karate as part of their hobbies.  The priest knew this.  As he was talking about heaven, he was inspired to ask one of the children, "So tell me, when we go to heaven will there be any Karate up there?" 

The 10 year old did not hesitate to answer, saying, "No, Father, in heaven there will be no karate!"

"Why is that?" The Priest asked amused by the child gregariousness.

"Because in Heaven everything is peaceful", the boy answered with a smile.  As soon as the child said that, Nancy saw once again a beautiful Cross of white light appear again, for the way of the cross leads to the glory of Heaven.  The boy was right!  We were all glad with his response.  All the material things we do on earth, especially for self defense will no longer be necessary in the Kingdom of God where we will enjoy perfect security, love, and peace.

After the Mass, Nancy was talking with friends about the prospect of receiving treatment for her illness when the image of Christ all in light appeared again to reassure us that we are not alone when facing illness.  God may allow sickness for a reason, but he is surely there at our side to carry our cross.  All we have to do is call upon Him and His sweet Mother and they will encourage us along the way.


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