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(Message # 734)
You Cannot Serve Two Masters. If You Are Busy Serving One, You Cannot Know the Other

(August 12 & 13, 1995)

On August 12, 1995, just before Nancy was to leave her home and speak to the pilgrims gathered on the Holy Hill, Jesus said, "My worldly children do not know Me. It is My children who seek Me from the depths of their hearts that know Me. You cannot serve two masters. If you are busy serving one, you cannot know the other.

"Say to My children: Reflect upon those words."

On August 13, 1995, before Nancy was to leave and go to the apparition room, Jesus said, "I want My children to realize the gifts that they are gathering are possessing them.

"My children, you have many riches and yet you are very poor. Seek My heavenly gifts, then you are made rich.

"Reflect on the Beatitudes. Live by these guidelines.

"You may possess wealth but do not let wealth possess you.

"Now I ask you to repeat these words to My children.

"Thank you, little one, for listening."

Later, in the main apparition room, as the pilgrims sang the "Ave Maria", there was a flash of mystical light as the Blessed Mother appeared momentarily, wearing a white veil and white dress. As bright mystical light engulfed the crucifix, angels and one saint after another appeared in a glorified state, exactly where Nancy first saw the Blessed Mother appear.

The image of Jesus on the crucifix became alive in mystical light and Jesus said, "I desire to possess all My children.

"My children, do not be deceived and let the false riches possess you.

"Is not My embrace sufficient for you, My dear little children?

"Come to Me, My little children. I will comfort you, all of you who mourn and weep and suffer.

"As I embrace each one of you, I ask you to embrace the beatitudes."

Nancy saw a vision of the world. The world was scarlet in color. Nancy understood that this signified suffering. Above the crucifix, Nancy saw a small dove.

Jesus continued to appear on the crucifix in bright, mystical white light and He looked down at the priests and pilgrims in the apparition room. Jesus then turned His head and looked upward with suffering reflected on His face.

Nancy saw the Resurrected Christ in light and then the suffering face of Jesus in light looking upward from the cross. The vision was repeated many times.

Nancy asked Jesus, "Why do I see this?"

Jesus said, "I am living and I died for you.

"My children, will you not love Me?"

Nancy saw what looked like a tombstone with writing on it at the foot of the cross.

Jesus said, "Pray. Pray. Pray everyday for the souls who die."

Nancy saw the top of the cross turn into a crown of light.

Nancy then saw a vision of a little boy stuffing himself with candy. The father was telling the boy not to eat the candy. The boy did not listen to the father and eventually became ill and the father had to remove all of the candy.

During the Sorrowful Mysteries, Nancy did not see any mystical light. It was not until the Third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, that Nancy again could see a mystical cross of light which was followed by great beams of light coming down into the room and many angels and saints appeared.

Jesus said, "Did you experience an emptiness when I withdrew part of the gift?

"Say to My children: It is better to have the fullness of My gifts. Do not throw My gifts aside.

"Tell My children Who is the giver of the gifts.

"You have My gifts only as long as I give them to you. Use your worldly gifts and do not be possessed by them.

"You see you have no control of this gift. It is Mine to give to you. Now tell others.

"Take to heart these words."

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August 11, 2009
Day 6 - Rosary Novena for Nancy's Healing

August 11, 2009 - Feast of St. Clare

Nancy went up New England to attend one of Fr. Ralph Diorio's healing Mass.  She was sad to know that he was unable to attend due to the fact that he had collapsed that past Sunday from heat exhaustion and dehydration.  Yet her sadness was soon to turn into joy, for at the moment a basket full of petitions written by the faithful was brought up to the Altar at the moment of the offertory at the Mass, suddenly behind the Altar, Nancy saw Jesus appear behind the Altar and to her amazement, He exposed to her His Most Sacred Heart.  It was a rare vision.  Rare indeed have been the times that Christ exposes His Sacred Heart to her, but today he did so at that healing Mass.  So awestruck was she by this singular experience that she could not help but talk about it over and over again. 

What could this mean?  Does it mean that she was healed or would be healed?  She doesn't know, but only time will tell.  Another person who was traveling with Nancy did experience an unexpected healing.  At first, he didn' t want to go, but then changed his mind at the last minute and decided to go.   It was a hot day in Sturbridge and the temperature was rising even more in the confined area of the Parish Center of St. Anne's Shrine.  In such a heat condition, the migraine of that person was starting to kick in.  After having heard the powerful testimonies of people that have been healed by God through Fr. Diorio's healing Mass, he decided to pray to God for a healing.  Suddenly he experienced a heat sensation from his head to his toe.  His migraine was gone and he knew he had experienced a healing.  Praised be Jesus!

There was also a lady in a wheel chair sitting right next to Nancy.  Nancy saw a heavenly light settle in front of her.  After the Mass, she turned to the invalid woman and said, "Please keep this to yourself, but I saw a beautiful light stand in front of you."  The handicapped woman didn't say anything, but by reaching for Nancy's hand and squeezing it gently, she was already saying everything; she was obviously grateful for the assuring and comforting words.  How beautiful is God in His chosen ones, for even though the visionary herself was ill, she did not fail to comfort others in their pain when it called for it.  Remember the words of St. Paul from his 2nd letter to the Corinthians 1:3-5 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort. Who comforts us in all our tribulation; that we also may be able to comfort those who are in all distress, by the exhortation with which we also are exhorted by God.  For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us: so also by Christ does our comfort abound.

During the healing Mass, Nancy prayed for all families, especially those who are troubled, particularly for those who are selfish.  As soon as she said this prayer, a beam of gold light shone from above.  God was hearing her prayers and by means of his light, He was showing her that He is always present and hears all prayers.  As always, during the Mass, the Priest who was celebrating was embraced by the Light of Christ.


Almighty Father, let your light soak deeply into our minds.

Stepping forward in the light of your commandments,

may we follow you always, our leader and our guide.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

God for ever and ever.


--From the Liturgy of the Hours (Breviary)

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