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(Message # 273)
Satan Will Attack Anywhere There Is A Crack

Jesus said, "Satan will attack anywhere there is a crack. The statement you made about Satan using [name deleted] has some truth to this. When people are not loving, there is great pain and suffering, often times cruelty. I am a God of love. Love does not bring pain and cruelty.

"How often I'm accused, falsely accused, of inflicting cruelty upon My people. If they knew Me, then they would know that I am pure love. There are virtues to pure love: compassion, forgiveness, mercy, charity". Jesus stopped and said, "It brings tears to My eyes to look into your eyes at this moment because you are realizing, acknowledging My love for you. If people really knew of My love for them, there would not be a dry eye anywhere. Oh, precious daughter, thank you."

Later George asked Jesus, "Would you confirm it is you at the end of a vision and tell us everything is of you?"

Jesus said through Nancy, "I prefer that Nancy would ask Me each time because of the intensity of the attacks of the evil one."

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Rosary Novena for Nancy's Healing
August 6 to 14, 2009
August 1, 2009  | August 2, 2009  | August 6, 2009 | August 7, 2009  
August 8, 2009  | August 9, 2009 | August 11, 2009

August 2, 2009
Rosary Novena for Nancy

August 6 to 14, 2009 Novena

Dear Friends,

We are sad to announce to you that the Visionary of Conyers, Nancy, is very ill. While accepting of her illness, she is still praying to God for a healing.

For this purpose, she will be making a novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary from August 6-14, 2009 at 8 pm daily for the feast of the Assumption on August 15, 2009.

If you would like to join us in this novena, please do so daily at 8 pm or at a time convenient to you. What's important is that you join us in prayer as we invoke the intercession of the Mother of Christ.


What is required for the Novena to be effective
8 pm Daily

  1. The daily recitation of the Rosary

  2. Try to stick to the exact prayer time (8 pm)

  3. Present Mary with 3 (real) roses


If you are just finding out about this novena, it is not too late; you can still join in.   Know what is transpiring during the course of this Novena by going to the official Website of Nancy:

Lastly, for those who would like to send Nancy a get well card, please find her mailing address below:

Thank you so much for your prayers.


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