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While Nancy was in church, Jesus said, "Look at the man, He is cleaning My House. Tell people about My Second Commandment. Clean your mouths. Speak as holy men and women. Imitate Me. Speak in love. Speak in respect. Honor Me.

"I am the Master. You are the servant. Honor Me. Respect Me. Love Me. Do not take My Name in vain. Do not put your name, your reputation above Mine. I am greater. I am the gift giver. You are the receiver of My love, mercy and goodness.

"Then why do you dishonor Me? Dishonor My holy name? My name is Jesus. My name is sovereign. My name is holy. My name is above all names. Why do you trample upon My name? Why do you curse My name?"

Nancy was inspired to pick up and open a Glory & Praise Book in the pew. Jesus said to write this prayer of Paul's that was on that page: "This is what I pray for from my Father's hand. From Him every family takes its life and its name."

Jesus then said, "Your life and your name come from Me. I am greater. Honor Me first. Honor My Name."

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May 07, 2010
Nancy's vision at Consecration

Dear Friends, so far Nancy is hanging in there. There is no doubt God is in charge of the situation. Despite the illness, she has not lost her joy and inner peace and she continues to have great faith in God that He is with her always. She has had many and beautiful spiritual experiences. One of them occurred on May 7, 2010, while she was attending Holy Mass.

At the moment of the Consecration, she saw an angel appear glowing in a beautiful white light. After the Consecration she was writing her experiences in her journal, a light flashed on it. She thanked God for everything as she reflected on life. She thanked Him for the Holy Eucharist and His presence in the poor. The Crucifix before her was glowing in a mystical white light. The Lord speaks in the silence of our hearts, it does not matter the tone of man’s skin, God looks in the hearts of man.

She reflected also on Psalm 23, "The Lord is my Shepherd..." As she did so, she felt God's presence all around her and in sudden burst of joy she said, "I seek your perfect will in everything, Lord, what must I do? Thank you for all your gifts."

She also wants to thank all those who have helped her and been close to during this difficult time. She expresses deep gratitude for anyone who has prayed or is praying for her. She will certainly not forget this act of kindness. Please, continue to pray for her as God's will continues to unravel in her beautiful life.

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