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(Message # 446)
There Are Many False Messages

Nancy asked Jesus if she should read certain prophesies from other visionaries. Jesus replied, "You do not need to read them."

Nancy then heard the Blessed Mother say, "There are many false messages. They are not coming from God. I am Blessed Virgin Mary. I bow down to God the Father." [Jesus is teaching Nancy how to test to be sure the messages she is receiving are from God or if there is some interference. She once asked the Blessed Mother if all visionaries test. The Blessed Mother said, "No, not all visionaries test but they should always test."]

"Not all visionaries test but they should always test."

Later Nancy was reading the ending prayer of the morning office when Jesus said, "Why don't you publish those words? My children need to hear them."

Jesus was referring to the following: "Lord, help us to follow the example of your Son's patience and endurance. May we face all life's difficulties with confidence and faith. Grant this through Christ our Lord."

Jesus then said, "Some people are hearing messages in their heads but it is illusion." Nancy then saw the life size image of Jesus appear twice all in white.

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March 20, 2011
Please America pick up your Rosary

Please America pick up your Rosary and pray every day.

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