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It Is Like Peeling Away the Outside Layers of a Potato

Jesus said, "I love you."

Nancy said, "I love You too."

Jesus replied, "I love you more."

Nancy then saw a vision of a big heart and a white cross.

Nancy said, "When He talks to me, I really want to change. When you hurt Him, you want to be good."

Nancy then said, "You are not going to believe this. Jesus is talking about a potato!"

Jesus said, "It is like peeling away the outside layers of a potato. The outside layer is dirty. When you peel away the outside layers, you get to the inside and it is white and clean.

"I could go on.

"You treat Me as God and as your best friend. I like this."

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January 01, 2010
Nancy, despite her many cancer treatments, is holding up well

The Visionary of Conyers, GA, Nancy, despite her many cancer treatments, is holding up well. Just yesterday, at the Mass, she saw the Risen Christ appear behind the priest as the latter celebrated the Mass. Truly the priests does act in persona Christi. As the priest held up the Eucharist, both his hands and the Host he was holding at the tip of his fingers shone in a light unlike any light here on earth. She continues to offer all her sufferings in reparation for sins, for the conversion of the living and the deliverance of the dead. When we unite our sufferings to the Passion of Christ, the spiritual force that comes out of it is so great that it effects the conversion of many hearts to Christ. No suffering is lost when we offer it up to God in imitation of Jesus who offered himself up as a willing victim for the salvation of souls that none may be lost, but saved forever.

Nancy would like to express her deepest and warmest gratitude to all her friends out there who have shown their support during this difficult time of her life. She is especially thankful for the many Holy Masses being offered from all over. She has said repeatedly during her illness that she has felt the effects of these Masses and is convinced that these Masses are sustaining her throughout her illness. Nancy also wishes to thank in particular all those who have chosen to assist her financially in order to defray the cost of her medical bills. She sees it as a blessing to have friends like you, brothers and sisters in Christ, who are there to reach out in times of need. She continues to recommend herself to your prayers and generosity. Meanwhile, we shall keep you posted on her condition and mystical experiences as time goes on. We do hope and pray for a healing in accordance to the Will of God.

During this Christmas season, Nancy wishes to extend to each one of you her warmest Christmas greetings and a new year full of the happiness, joy, and love of the New born King, Christ the Lord. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

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