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(Message # 872)
Visions before the Blessed Sacrament and at Mass

In the morning before Mass, Nancy looked around the sanctuary and saw glowing white lights in those seats that were empty. She understood that the Mass is filled with angels and, therefore, there are no empty seats at Mass.

As the Mass began, the visions of angels increased. The celebrant priest said, "I invite the holy angels and saints to join us in prayer. I invite Padre Pio, St. Timothy, St. Stephen, Sister Faustina, St. Mary Magdalene, the shepherds, all holy ones of God and the holy souls in Purgatory." Nancy had no doubt that Jesus allowed her to see these visions because the priest invoked the holy presence of these heavenly beings. She believes that it is important to invite the angels and the saints to pray with us. They really come when we invite them and join in our prayers.

At the Consecration of the Mass, the angels moved closer to the altar. Nancy saw the white lights glowing around the altar.

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