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(Message # 74)
Through My Mother I Shall Come the Second Time

Jesus said, "Woe be to the parishes that dishonor My Mother. If they dishonor My Mother, they dishonor Me. I came through My Mother the first time and so shall I the second time."

Nancy saw Jesus' suffering face. Tears were coming from His eyes. He said, "Let those who ignore My Mother know this: they are ignoring God."

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     Wake Up America
On October 6, 1992 visionary Nancy Fowler was told: "Wake up America to Jesus." It was an invitation to find out about God's love and mercy. This 50 minute video, produced in 1996, examines the Conyers messages and prophecies.

It delves into the incredible graces found at mass and serious visions about the future of the United States. Will a great war come from China? Are there troubled times ahead for the Church? Will massive earthquakes and waves strike our land? Are we receiving a wake-up call from Jesus?
To listen online Listen to Wake Up America Click Here 

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