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(Message # 265)
My Children Should Willingly Consecrate Themselves

Nancy asked Our Loving Mother, "Does it please you when your children consecrate themselves to your Immaculate Heart?"

Our Loving Mother answered, "It pleases me, but it should be explained that my children should willingly want to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart. Please tell Mary [a member of the prayer group] or whoever leads the group to explain this.

"The same applies to my Son's Heart."

Nancy said, "People ask what color you wear. What should I say?"

"My colors are important only if I wear a dark, mournful color. Then it is important."

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     Love and Mercy
"Love & Mercy" gives the viewer a sense of what it’s like to be present at one of Nancy Fowler’s talks. Produced in 1994, Nancy and scribe George Collins discuss the appearances of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

This hour-long video covers several different topics including:

  • What is the best prayer?
  • Predictions of coming chastisements.
  • The incredible value of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
  • Our Loving Mother’s last monthly message and much more.
To listen online Listen to Love and Mercy Click Here 

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