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(Message # 409)
Live Each Day Fully in Me

Jesus said, "I do not ask you to live in the future. I do not ask you to live in the past. I ask you to live each day in Me. Live each day fully in Me. You are held accountable not for the future, not for the past but for day to day, moment to moment existence.

"Man can live from day to day but not twenty weeks in the future or twenty weeks in the past. You live not in the past and you live not in the future. It is written in Scripture about your daily living."

Nancy thought aloud, "What

"When you are living fully in Me, you need not be concerned about the past or the future."

does Jesus mean that we are accountable for moment to moment?"

"How can I hold you accountable for the past I have forgiven and the future that has not come? I hold you accountable for moment to moment existence.

"Live fully each moment in Me. When you are living fully in Me, you need not be concerned about the past or the future.

"George, My daughter is very sleepy. You must let her rest. You too are sleepy and need rest.

"I am Jesus. I am the Son of the Living God. Do not fear these words."

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     Journey of Faith
In this 1995 hour-long video, the viewer returns to Conyers to learn more about the apparitions. Nancy speaks with great passion as she thanks the pilgrims for their "Journey of Faith". Topics include:

  • Pilgrim testimonies
  • Jesus’ incredible tenderness
  • The Holy Mass
  • The Blessed Mother's October 13, 1994 message and more.
  • Conyers and Fatima
  • Angels’ purpose in our lives
  • Suffering and the Cross
To listen online Listen to Journey Of Faith Click Here 

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